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Crying Wolf July 2014

So, the Ministry of Justice has released figures which show that the number of prosecutions under the Hunting act is at its highest. The opponents of hunting have leapt upon this much like a hound with a wounded hare and have convinced themselves, if no one else, that this provides irrefutable proof that the Act is successful in controlling their hated hunts. At best this is disingenuous, at worst completely fallacious. In fact even the most cursory analysis of the list reveals that only six of the prosecutions involved anyone connected with a registered hunt and a low proportion of those prosecutions resulted in a conviction.

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Rex Hudson - Stalwart Supporter of the English Basset

Rex Hudson died on July 22nd 2014 in The Royal Gloucestershire Hospital, following a severe stroke. He was a remarkable man and for many years was the backbone of the MBHA. He was a land agent by profession and had his own business, some of his clients remaining with him until the day he died. He fi...
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Mendip Farmers Hunt Moves to a New Home

The Mendip Farmers’ Hunt is to have a new home at Priddy. So many members of the hunt turned up at Mendip District Council’s planning meeting last week that there was not enough room for them in Jardine’s Ballroom at Kilver Court, Shepton Mallet, where the meeting was being held, and they had ...
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Blaston Hound Show 2014

Although there was a brief shower in the morning, good fortune shone on this year’s Blaston Hound Show since, for most of the day rain appeared to be falling everywhere for miles around except at the Show. Set in the heart of the Welland Valley, the magnificent location is generously made availab...
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