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Wye and Whitehall and Wales April 2014

With the takeover of Wye College by Imperial College London the writing has been on the wall for Wye Beagles for some time and it was with great sadness that we, with over 200 others attended their closing meet recently. The Wye College Beagles were formed in 1947 and were hunted for the 1947-48 season in amalgamation with Sir Newton Rycrofts Dummer Beagles as the Wye College and Dummer Beagles. The Wye College Principal, Mr D Skilbeck, was Hunt Chairman from 1948-68 and much of the progress in those years, including the rebuilding of kennels, was due to his interest and organisation. The beagles were funded by the considerable support of the students and the local population, but with the closing of the college the village of Wye lost:- a great employer, a world renowned faculty of learning and a training ground for young hunt staff.

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Westerby Bassets   (Mark Luxton)

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Four Burrow Foxhounds   (Lisa Wood)

North Warwickshire Beagles   (Vince Hart Hartstone Photography)

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Albrighton and Woodland   (Cat Grant)

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Latest articles and reports

The Festival of Hunting 2014

The Festival of Hunting takes place on Wednesday 16th July at the East of England Showground, Peterborough. This historical event is the annual showcase for the world of hunting and boasts the greatest gathering of hounds in the country. The Festival will include the 126th Peterborough Royal Foxhoun...
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- A Day with the East Clare Farmers Hunt

In this report James Tonery finds a way to make up for a poor wet season with his pack by spending a day with a drag pack. The East Clare are lucky enough to have some farmers still prepared to allow drag hunting across their land even though it does not help them and risks damage to wet pastureI a...
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New Book Launch on Brait Wilson -The Flying Whip

Ron Black describes his hunt for information on the life and times of Brait Wilson the whipper-in to packs in Lakeland Braithwaite Brait Wilson was born in August 1885 at Sedbergh, he first appears in the newspaper records following the hunt in 1908 but by 1911 he was whipper in to the newly appoin...
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