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Bouncing Back March 2016

Years ago, when (not if) you fell off the important thing was to get back on straight away. In the past this resulted in one morning of 13 remounts in 30 minutes… the bruises did not matter it was the attitude of not being out thought by a horse that drove you on to try again. Today however new complications enter the mix… what happens if I come off? Or, I had better think again I have presentations in London tomorrow. Regardless of these new complications we have found it possible to ‘bounce’ –an odd word in the circumstances, back. It has just taken longer than anyone expected!

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Rallye Trois Foret   ( )

Waimate District   (Jacque Mackenzie)

Duke of Beaufort's   (Tony Barrett

Western   (Roy Kemp Wild Westcountry)

Brocklesby   (Chris Power)

Bicester Hunt with Whaddon Chase   (

North Lonsdale Hunt   (Sue Thompson)

Holderness   (

Latest articles and reports

Peterborough Harrier & Beagle Show 2016

As part of the Festival of Hunting, the 127th Peterborough Harrier & Beagle Show is to be held at the East of England Showground on Wednesday, 20th July. Judges: Stud Book Harriers – David Palmer Esq., Ross Wilmington MH, (Axe Vale Harriers). Beagle Dog Hounds – Ian Arnett, MH, (Chilmark and ...
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New Partnership for the Festival of Hunting

The organisers of the Festival of Hunting are delighted to announce a three year partnership with The Lycetts Group as a key sponsor of the event. “The involvement of Lycetts is exciting for the Festival and can only serve to attract more visitors to the show. We very much look forward to welcomi...
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Billy Vance, Fermanagh Harriers

Billy Vance, senior master of t he Fermanagh Harrier passed away peacefully on Saturday 16th January, aged 84. He was one of the best known and most deeply respected country sportsmen in Ireland and the huge turnout of fellow huntsmen, farmers, friends and neighbours at his funeral service bore witn...
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