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Is that it? July 2015

Amazing isn’t? We have a diminished but highly vocal opposition in the UK (or should that be England) who ignore the 700+ hours of debate and the abuse of the Parliament Act to force a Bill in hunting with hounds and yet they have the audacity to tell the newly Government what the priorities of the new administration should be.

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Hurworth Hunt   (Bernard Hand)

Windy Hollow   (Windy Hollow Hunt)

Woolaston Bassets   (Anthony Barnett

Grove and Rufford   (Anthony Barnett

East Lincs Bassets   (Bailys Hunting Directory)

Western   (Roy Kemp)

East Lincs Bassets   (Bailys Hunting Directory)

East Lincs Bassets   (Bailys Hunting Directory)

Latest articles and reports

The Fulljames Hare - a Tale from New Zealand

It started as an average day with Taupo with hounds horses and riders scurrying over hedges and full wire fences in pursuit of the hunted hare until, that is, they arrived at the river. The hunted hare tested the water of the fast-flowing Waikato River with its foot, glancing at the running hounds, ...
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Who Cares About Justice When Social Media has Given its Verdict

If the eyes are the window to the soul then Twitter is a good keyhole through which to peer at the mind. For those unused to social media, Twitter is a shark pool in which swimmers are given 140 characters to show whether they are Great Whites or bait. It is an extraordinary forum in which to gain a...
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The Welfare Case for Hunting

As Francis Fulford cogently observed i \"those that are earmarked for destruction are first maligned\" Interestingly in respect of hunting there was a very similar observation, largely overlooked and ignored, made by an Chilean sociologist, Luis Vasquez in his perceptive submission to the Burns Inqu...
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