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Get Your Facts Right - April 2015

Years ago we had a lodger who was a trainee teacher at the local primary school, a girl from an inner city environment she was delighted to be out ‘in the countryside’ but hated the fact that the nearest ‘fast food’ outlet was 10 miles away.

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Northern Hunt Club   (Anna Hayward)

Badischer Schleppjagdverein Hardtmeute e.V   (Thore Brockhoff)

Belvoir Hunt   (Bailys Hunting Directory)

Belvoir Hunt   (Bailys Hunting Directory)

Three Counties Bloodhounds   ( )

Three Counties Bloodhounds   (

Brocklesby   (

Northland Hunt   (Anna Hayward)

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An English Huntsmans Experience of Hunting in Ireland

I took up the position as Huntsman at the Mid Antrim in Northern Ireland in Late July 20014, where the ridiculous Hunting ban is not in force. I found myself landing in the kennels just outside of Ballymena without a pack of hounds save for the one and a half couple I had carried with me a couple gi...
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Do Not Trust Labour With Our Countryside Or Country

“The right to peaceful protest is central to any democracy. Now I have probably been on many more protest marches than the average member of the Countryside Alliance and yet I never felt the need to throw bottles at police officers, invade the Chamber of the House of Commons, threaten the elderly ...
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A Celebration of Hunting

The Festival of Hunting takes place on Wednesday 22nd July at the East of England Showground, Peterborough. This historic and prestigious event is the annual showcase for the world of hunting and boasts the greatest gathering of hounds in the country. It is also an important day in many social calen...
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