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What the Brexit? - October 2016

So, unless your day job involves sitting in front of a bank of computer screens watching intently as columns of figures go from green to red and then back to green again, with marginally more volatility, then the world post Brexit probably has not impacted you very much, if at all.

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Bedale Hunt   (

Bedale Hunt   (

Triple B Hunt   (Lisa van Dongen)

Worcestershire Hunt   (rfmequine)

Middleton Foxhounds   (Tom Milburn)

Middleton Foxhounds   (Tom Milburn)

Burne bloodhounds   (Bailys Hunting Directory)

Coniston Foxhounds   (Bailys Hunting Directory)

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Create a Foxhunting Archive

The National Sporting Library & Museum is proud to announce a featured talk with John Connolly, George L. Ohrstrom Jr. Librarian at NSLM. October is American Archives Month, and also marks the start of foxhunting season. True personalities and real history are revealed through the NSLM\'s foxhunting...
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Echinococcus Tapeworm Infection

Hunts are currently being invited to take part in a survey about the husbandry and health care of hunting hounds. This forms part of a larger 3-year research project into tapeworm infections in dogs and livestock in the UK. What is the purpose of this study?This is part of a research study on Echin...
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Lowther Hound Show 2016

Of the thousands of people who visited Lowther Show over the weekend, many of them came and saw the spectacle that is the Lowther Hound Show. Lowther is probably one of the best shop windows for hunting in the country for the general public and this year visitors were rewarded with a cracker. Wit...
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