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Donoughue Bill Revisted -Providing the Way Forward - May 2015

Following the UK General election and the majority achieved by the Conservative party the end to that iniquitous bit of legislation the ‘Hunting Act’ looks likely. We wrote these words in the early hours of the 8th May but the shifting sands that are UK politics meant that is it not until now that we can have any real confidence charting a way forward.

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Upper Bay Bassets   (Lei Ruckle(MBH))

Vale of White Horse Hunt (VWH)   (Anthony Barnett

Vale of White Horse Hunt (VWH)   (Anthony Barnett

De Burgh and North Essex Harehounds   (Bailys Hunting Directory)

Cotswold Vale Farmers'   (Anthony Barnett

Sandhurst and Aldershot Beagles   (Anthony Barnett

Cattistock Hunt   (Anthony Barnett

South Dorset Hunt   (

Latest articles and reports

2015 NBC Spring Basset Trial Report

Basset Hound packs from the U.S. and Canada convened at beautiful Institute Farm, in Aldie, Virginia, for the 2015 Spring Trials. The Trials ran over five days, from April 15-19. Historically the weather for the spring trials has been one of extremes, from soaring humid summer-like heat to late s...
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De Burgh and North Essex Harehounds - French Elan on Show in Essex

We were invited over to Broxted on Saturday the 2th June to attend the De Burgh and North Essex Harehounds puppy show. The hunt as we know it today was formed by amalgamation in 1976 between the North Essex Foot Beagles and the De Burgh Bassets. The history of this delightfully friendly pack is not ...
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The “Real” story of Charmer

In this article Ron Black transports the reader back to 1911 as he recounts the sad tale of Coniston Charmer, and highlights some of the challenges faced by hounds in the FellsIf you take the track up to Dow Crag from the Walna Scar road you will pass a weathered piece of stone, well covered in moss...
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