Blankney Foxhounds

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Primary Contact Graham Royce
Prefered Contact Email:

Hunt Details

Hunt Type: Foxhounds
Hound Breed: Modern Foxhound
Hunt Quarry: TBC
Areas: Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire
Kennel Address: The Kennels Blankney, Lincoln LN4 3BB Tel: 01526 320250 Mob: 07730742585 Email:
Counties: Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire
Primary Country: England
Secondary Country: TBC


Name:Mrs Tracy Harris
Start Year:2022
Address:Bramble Cottage 46 Sleaford Rd Branston Lincoln Tel 07979 104347
Name:Mr Jonathan Morgan-Smith
Start Year:2022
Address:The Wood Wharf The Manor Langford Newark NG237RW tel 07394 121307
Name:Miss Lisa Nicholls
Start Year:2022
Address:8 Lodge Drve Branston Lincs LN41UH Tel 07852 851052
Name:Michelle Weaver
Start Year:2023
Address:Holly Fm Thornet Rd Wigsley Newark NG237ER

Former Master(s)

Name:A Committee
Start Year:2015
End Year:2022
Name:Col Chaplin (with Committee), 1871-77 Henry Chaplin, 1877-86 (Major Tempest acting MFH with Committee, 1881-86) Lord Lonsdale, 1885-86 Major Tempest, 1886-95 N C Cockburn, 1895-1904 Lord Londesborough, 1902-04 Edgar Lubbock, 1904-07 Lord Charles Bentinck, 1906-09 Sir Robert Filmer, Bart, 1909-12 R C Swan, 1912-16 A Committee, 1916-19 (E A Smith acting as Deputy Master) Lord Barnby, 1919-33 The Earl Londesborough, 1933-37 Commander F J Alexander, 1937-40 Countess of Londesborough, 1933-38 and 1940-45 (Acting 1940-45) A Committee, 1945-47 and 1954-56 K T Godson, 1956-59 G P Roffe-Silvester, 1959-60 J G Henson, 1947-54 and 1959-67 Mrs M W Evans, 1966-67 W F Ransom, 1956-59 and 1967-70 W R Tatlow, 1969-70 The Hon C J Fitzroy, 1971-72 D C Clark, 1977-78 D Hughes, 1980-82 J Beardsley, 1982-83 G M Benton, 1972-84 R W Elkington, 1983-85 P Needham, 1985-90 Mrs R Parker, 1983-91 J R Theaker, 1988-92 D A Hughes, 1990-93 Mrs S A Roberts, 1991-95 Mr R W Elkington, 1992-98 Mrs S J Ward, 2004-05 P Needham, 1998-2007 J R Theaker, 1988-92 and 2007-13 Mrs Margaret A Morris, 1996-2014 W, Cox 2013-15 Mrs Wendy Dunham 2014-2015 Mrs. Emma Elliott 2014-2015
Start Year:N/A
End Year:N/A
Name:Wayne Cox
Start Year:2022
End Year:2023


Name:Philip Stubbings
Start Year:2004
End Year:N/A

Former Huntsmen


Kennel Huntsmen



Name:Saffron Harris
Start Year:2022
End Year:N/A
Address:c/o Kennels


Name:Graham Royce
Start Year:2018
End Year:N/A
Address:Cherry Tree Farm, Church Green Lane, Frampton West, Boston, Lincolnshire, PE20 1RP. Tel: 01205 722407. Mob: 07946 576020. Email:


Name:Graham Brown
Start Year:2016
End Year:N/A
Address:The Lodge, Coleby, Lincoln LN5 0AP Mob: 07768 718439 Email:



Other Roles

Role:Hunt Supporters Club Secretary
Name:Mrs Angie McDonald
Start Year:N/A
Name:Callum McDonald
Start Year:N/A
Notes:Supporters Club Chairman

Other Previous Roles

Name:Adrian.S. Whitehead,
Start Year:2010
End Year:2018
Name:Gemma Stanish
Start Year:2017
End Year:2019
Name:Josh Warren
Start Year:2009
End Year:2010
Notes:On bursary scheme

Other Information

Affiliations: MFHA
Subscription: Apply to Hon Sec.
Meet: Wednesday and Saturday 11.00 am.
Season: Season
Uniform: Scarlet. Hunt buttons. Evening Dress: Red, white facings.
Other Notes: TBC

History of the Hunt

Start Year: 1871
End Year: N/A
History: The Hunt dates from 1871, when the old Burton country was divided (see Burton), and the country as now constituted has existed since 1895, before which date part was hunted first by Mr Jarvis and then by the Burton. Mr Cockburn purchased the hounds from the country in 1896. In 1904 Mr Lubbock purchased the hounds from Mr Cockburn. In 1907 Lord Charles Bentinck purchased them, and in 1909 they became the property of Sir Robert Filmer.

Hunt Country

Hunt Country: The country, which lies in Lincs and Notts, extends some 20 miles from Newark (west) to Sleaford (east), and some 11 miles from Lincoln (north) to Leadenham (south). Obstacles on the Lincoln Heath are well-maintained hedges and some stone walls, and in the vale large dykes and drains. As this is largely an arable country one needs a horse that will go through the plough, but set-aside has eased the problem. Best centres: Lincoln, whence meets of the Burton; Sleaford, whence meets of the Belvoir; and Newark, in the south west corner, whence meets of the Belvoir, Grove & Rufford, and South Notts are accessible.


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