Ecclesfield Beagles

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Primary Contact Lizzie Elliott
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Website TBC

Hunt Details

Hunt Type: Beagles
Hound Breed: beagles
Hunt Quarry: TBC
Areas: South Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire
Kennel Address: Chase Lodge, Woodhead Road, Wortley, Sheffield S35 7DA
Counties: South Yorkshire, North Nottinghamshire
Primary Country: England
Secondary Country: TBC


Name:(2013) J C (Chris) Stanley
Start Year:N/A
Address:The Old House, Ryecroft, Scholes, Holmfirth, HD9 1ST Tel: 01484 686634 Mob: 07748 554147 Email:

Former Master(s)

Name:(2010) Adrian Barlow
Start Year:2010
End Year:2019
Name:T H Bingley (founder); H J Bingley; Elfrida, Countess of Wharncliffe, 1930-70 The Earl of Wharncliffe, 1970-87 I D Baker 1990-91 T F Sanderson, 1975-93 G W Darlay, 1992-97 W E Outram, 1991-2003 F E Wakerley, 1993-2003 P L Kime, 2000-2003 C G Atkinson, 2000-2003 K Goodall, 2003-2004 Ms V Day, 2005-2010 Mick Shufflebottom, 2004-2013 D White 2000 - 2014 Mrs Ellie Barlow 2014-2015
Start Year:N/A
End Year:N/A



Former Huntsmen

Name:(2006) Adrian Barlow
Start Year:2006
End Year:2020

Kennel Huntsmen

Name:Johnathan Withers
Start Year:2020
End Year:N/A
Address:C/O Kennels


Name:(2014) C Slater, (2014) N Elliott, (2014) J Saunders, (2014) I Gobbi, (2015) CG Atkinson
Start Year:N/A
End Year:N/A


Name:(2015) Mrs Liz Elliott
Start Year:N/A
End Year:N/A
Address:2 Scout Dike Reservoir Huddersfield Road Penistone Sheffield S36 7EZ Tel: 01226 765923 Mob: 07964 830103


Name:(2004) W E (Edward) Outram
Start Year:N/A
End Year:N/A
Address:Birley Cottage Farm, Cutthorpe, Chesterfield, Derbys S42 7AY Tel: 01246 582357 Mob: 07798 801512 Email:



Other Roles

Name:(2014) Mrs Lorna M Stanley
Start Year:N/A
Role:Hare Conservation Officer
Name:A Barlow
Start Year:N/A

Other Previous Roles

Role:No Additonal Roles

Other Information

Affiliations: AMHB
Subscription: Patron £225 Subscribers £100 Members £45 Cap £8-00
Meet: Thursday and Saturdays.
Season: Season
Uniform: Green Coat Buff Collar
Other Notes: TBC

History of the Hunt

Start Year: 1885
End Year: N/A
History: The present pack was first formed as a private pack by T H Bingley Esq of Whitley Hall, near Sheffield, and Gerrard Smith Esq of The Horbury, Chapeltown, in 1885. However, the history of hunting in this district can be traced back to 1751, when a Thomas Parkin of Mortomley Hall had a pack of trencher-fed foot harriers. Mr Bingleys beagles were also trencher fed until 1912 when he built the kennels at Ecclesfield. Mr Bingley was succeeded as Master by his son H J Bingley. The pack was almost lost after the First World War with only 3 1/2 couple of hounds surviving. However, Mr H Chapman, Master of the Longdendale Beagles, came to the rescue and loaned the Ecclesfield a stud dog, Watchman. In 1930 Elfrida, Countess of Wharncliffe (a daughter of Lord Fitzwilliam), became master, securing the ties with the Wortley and Fitzwilliam Estates. During the Second World War she saw the pack on loan to the RAF at Doncaster. Hounds were returned in 1944 and were once again trencher fed until 1950 when the kennels were reopened. The Countess of Wharncliffe was succeeded in office in 1970 by her son, The Earl of Wharncliffe, who was joined in the mastership by Thomas Sanderson in 1975, the Sanderson family having long been involved with the Hunt. In 1985, the packs centenary year, disaster struck when most of the hounds were stolen from the kennels by animal rights activists. None of the hounds was seen again. Through a great fund-raising appeal and drafts of hounds, the pack was soon re-established and moved its kennels to Wortley where they are today. The Earl of Wharncliffe continued in office until his death in 1987, leaving Thomas Sanderson as sole Master until 1990 when he was joined for a season in 1990 by Ian Baker and then, in 1991, by Edward Outram. When Mr Sanderson retired after 18 seasons in 1993 Edward Outram was joined by Mr Geoff Darlay (1992) and later by Fraser Wakerley (1993). The hunt has been blessed by continuity of masterships, giving great stability. All the Masters since The Earl of Wharncliffe have received the support of Mrs Mona Lindsey who served as secretary for 20 seasons until her retirement in 1995. Mr T Sanderson died in 2013.

Hunt Country

Hunt Country: The country lies in South Yorkshire and north Nottinghamshire, bounded by the River Trent in the east, the M180 and A635 in the north, and the A57 and A616 to the west and south west; it is a great mixture of arable, moor and grass land.


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