Essex Foxhounds

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Contact Details

Primary Contact Mrs D Trembath
Prefered Contact Tel: 01371 876376 or 07710 419850 Email:
Website TBC

Hunt Details

Hunt Type: Foxhounds
Hound Breed: TBC
Hunt Quarry: TBC
Areas: Essex
Kennel Address: The Kennels, High Easter Road, Barnston, Dunmow, Essex, CM6 1ND Tel: 01371 875490 Mob: 07989 982914 Email:
Counties: Essex
Primary Country: England
Secondary Country: TBC


Name:Mrs. B. (Bird) Collins
Start Year:2018
Address:New House Farm, Little Laver Road, Ongar, Essex, CM5 0JE. Tel: 01277 890289. Mob: 07790 518688. Email:
Name:Mr Andrew Smith
Start Year:2010
Address:Peverels Farm, Little Waltham, Chelmsford Essex CM3 3PS Tel: 01245 363646 Mob: 07918 704468 Email:
Name:Christopher S. Padfield
Start Year:2014
Address:Stubbers Farm, Mountmessing Road, Blackmore, Essex, CM4 0NY Mob: 07860 422305 Email:

Former Master(s)

Name:Jeremy Kiddy
Start Year:2016
End Year:2017
Name:Mr R T (Bob) O Connor
Start Year:2011
End Year:2017
Name:J and D Rounding, 1785-1807 H J Conyers, 1805-08 Col Cook, 1808-13 J Archer Houblon, 1813-18 H J Conyers, 1813-53 Mr Henley Greaves, 1853-57 Revd Joseph Arkwright, 1857-64 Loftus Arkwright, 1864-79 Sir H S Ibbetson, 1879-86 L W J Arkwright, 1893-99 C E Green, 1884-93 and 1899-1900 E S Bowlby, 1893-1900 A Committee (C E Green, FM), 1900-06 John Swire, 1906-10 and 1922-26 Col S F Gosling, 1910-28 Major F C Watson, Deputy Master & Secretary, 1926-28 J Pickersgill, 1928-31 Capt G B Hoare, 1931-35 Capt C F Parks, 1935-36 A Committee, 1936-38 Miss M Usborne, 1938-39 V Pelly, 1938-39 A Committee, 1939-44 A Douglas Pennant, 1944-50 D J H Ward, 1938-39 and 1946-66 P Carden, 1966-72 R T R Howard, 1972-76 W H Bullman, 1972-84 J P Bullman, 1979-84 Mrs P Harrington, 1984-96 P A Wisbey, 1991-2003 C J Thorogood, 1984-? Mrs C J Trembath, 2003-? S J Upton, 2003-? Simon H Marriage, 1997-2014
Start Year:N/A
End Year:N/A



Former Huntsmen

Name:S Hall
Start Year:2001
End Year:N/A
Name:Robert Ogden
Start Year:2011
End Year:N/A

Kennel Huntsmen





Name:Mrs Dawn Trembath
Start Year:2008
End Year:N/A
Address:Hales Farm, Little Canfield, Dunmow, Essex CM6 1TQ Tel: 01371 876376 Mob: 07710 419850 Email:


Name:Simon H. Marriage
Start Year:2018
End Year:N/A
Address:Bedfords Farm, Good Easter, Chelmsford, Essex, CM1 4SQ. Tel: 01245 231353. Mob: 07770 881575. Email:



Other Roles

Name:Mrs D Trembath, see Hon Sec.
Start Year:N/A
Role:Hunt Supporters Club Secretary
Name:Mrs S Luscombe
Start Year:2009

Other Previous Roles

Name:Mr Tim M Trembath
Start Year:2007
End Year:2018
Name:Josh Warren
Start Year:2015
End Year:2016
Notes: 2015 - 2016 1st Whipper In

Other Information

Affiliations: MFHA
Subscription: Apply to Hon Sec.
Meet: Wednesdays, Saturdays, and alternate Mondays after Christmas.
Season: Season
Uniform: TBC
Other Notes: Merged to form the Essex with Farmers and Union 2018 in 2023 Merged with Puckeridge to form Puckeridge amd Essex

History of the Hunt

Start Year: 0
End Year: N/A
History: No definite records exist concerning the Hunt prior to 1785. The country as now constituted has existed since H J Conyers took the Mastership in 1805. See The Essex Foxhounds by Messrs R F Ball and Tresham Gilbey (Vinton & Co Ltd), also The Essex Foxhounds 1895-1926, by Brig Gen C D Bruce, and Brig Gen R B Colvin, issued by the same publishers.

Hunt Country

Hunt Country: The country, which lies in Essex, is about 35 miles north to south and 21 miles in breadth from east to west. The best centres are around the Rodings and the Easters in the Saturday country, and Radwinter and Ashdon in the Wednesday country. The Chignals on the eastern boundary are worthy of mention. The country is largely arable with a reasonable portion of permanent and rotational set-aside and a little grass. There are some large coverts in the northern part of the country with smaller well-scattered woods in the southern part. The country requires a good three-quarters to seven-eighths bred which can cope both with large ditches and a few jumps; an ability to go on well in the deep is vital. Adjoining Hunts: the Cambridgeshire with Enfield Chace to the south west; the Puckeridge to the west; the Thurlow to the north; the East Essex to the east; and the Essex Farmers & Union to the south.


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