Mendip Farmers Hunt

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Contact Details

Primary Contact Poppy Martin
Prefered Contact Poppy Martin Tel 07846010431 email

Hunt Details

Hunt Type: Foxhounds
Hound Breed: foxhound
Hunt Quarry: TBC
Areas: Somerset
Kennel Address: The Kennels, Nine Barrows Lane, Priddy, Wells, Somerset BA5 3BH
Counties: Somerset
Primary Country: England
Secondary Country: TBC


Name:George T. Pullen
Start Year:2017
Address:The Coach House, Greendown, Chewton Mendip, Radstock, Somerset, BA3 4NZ Mob: 07879 645364 Email:

Former Master(s)

Name:Jason Somerville
Start Year:2015
End Year:2017
Name:A Committee, 1940-45 H Springfield, 1945-46 Mrs Buller Popham, 1946-48 A Committee, 1948-50 Miss B Firbank, 1958-59 Mrs Worrall, 1961-63 G C Banks, 1963-65 Mr & Mrs B O Allen, 1950-67 Lord Hugh Russell, 1965-70 Lady Hugh Russell, 1967-70 W Saxton Pearce, 1968-70 Mrs R Hill, 1970-75 R W Stratton, 1970-75 A Younghusband, 1975-85 Tim Pullen, 1985-90 J H Counsell, 1990-93 M R Churches, 1990-93 Mrs L Jenkins-Good, 1984-85 and 1993-95 Mrs A Maw, 1993-97 Mr W Heal, 1995-97 Mrs R Durie, 1993-97 Mr I Gibbons, 1995-98 C M Payne, 1997-2000 P Thorner, 1997-2002 S D Russell, 1998-2002 R W Stratton, 2000-04 A R Meredith, 2002-04 K J Osborne, 1990-2006 (died in office) C M Payne, 2005-2007 M T Sheppard, 2006-2012 J D Hankinson 2008-2010 R H J Williams, 2010-2012 Richard L Standing, 2003-2014 Jonnie E Reynolds, 2010-2014 The Hon Mrs J (Helena) Rees-Mogg, 2012-2014 Mrs Janet Menzies, 2012-2014 Rob H. J. Williams, 2014-2016
Start Year:N/A
End Year:N/A
Name:Miss Vicky F. Heal
Start Year:2017
End Year:2020
Name:Mrs. Corinne L. Townend
Start Year:2020
End Year:2022


Name:Mr. Mathew Hickmott
Start Year:2020
End Year:N/A
Address:Tel: 01749 970466. Mob: 07903 315068. Email:

Former Huntsmen

Name:Kent Lock KH, 2010-2012 Robert Dixon KH, 2012-2013 Mr R L Standing, Jt Master, 2003-2014
Start Year:N/A
End Year:N/A
Name:Kent Lock
Start Year:2014
End Year:2020
Address:Mob: 07444 465692. Email:
Notes:From 2014 to 2019 was KH, became full Huntsman in 2019/20 season

Kennel Huntsmen



Name:Tim Ingram
Start Year:2018
End Year:N/A
Address:C/O kennels


Name:Miss Poppy Martin
Start Year:2020
End Year:N/A
Address:Fenny Castle House, Castle Lane, Wookey, Wells, Somerset, BA5 1NN. Mob: 07846 010431. Email:


Name:Tim Pullen
Start Year:2013
End Year:N/A
Address:Greendown House, Greendown, Chewton Mendip, Radstock, Somerset, BA3 4NZ Tel: 01761 241408 Mob: 07775 950105 Email:



Other Roles

Role:Hunt Supporters Club Secretary
Name:Mrs Sue Osborne
Start Year:2009

Other Previous Roles

Name:Mrs Claire Dunn
Start Year:N/A
End Year:2020
Name:Mr G Thomas
Start Year:2004
End Year:2018

Other Information

Affiliations: MFHA
Subscription: Apply to Hon Secs.
Meet: Wednesday and Saturday, 10.45 am.
Season: Season
Uniform: Evening Dress: Scarlet, red silk facings, Hunt buttons.
Other Notes: TBC

History of the Hunt

Start Year: 1760
End Year: N/A
History: The Hunt was started as a private pack around the middle of the 18th century, and known as the Wells Subscription Harriers. From 1760 to 1859 the Mendip country was hunted by the Tudway family. Colonel H A Luttrell then hunted the country from 1860-65. Mendip Foxhounds ceased to exist for 56 years, except for two brief periods, and the country was hunted by Harriers. In 1914 F C and H A Tiarks revived the Mendip Foxhounds but the First World War ended this venture. The Stanton Drew and Wells Subscription Harriers amalgamated in 1920 under Capt E H Rouse-Boughton. C Hilton Green became Master in 1921, and a year later they became once more the Mendip Foxhounds and the kennels moved to Priddy. H A Tiarks, 1924-28. J Pickersgill, 1928-29. Capt G Hodgkinson and Capt D M Wills, 1929-32. Capt & Mrs Parks, 1932-34. Capt R Corbett and Major S C Houston, 1934-37. P Long, 1937-40. The word "Farmers" was added again at the beginning of the Second World War. H A Tiarks took over hounds for three months and the Mendip Farmers Hunt Committee was formed under the chairmanship of W H Middle. The Mendip hounds moved to the present kennels near Priddy in 1921, at the time owned by Sir Reginald Hobhouse and then his daughter Audrey Firbank who was secretary until her death in 2004 aged 91.

Hunt Country

Hunt Country: The country lies in Somerset and Avon. It covers about 17 miles north to south and about 17 miles east to west. The Hunt meets twice a week on Wednesdays and Saturdays during the Season (November to March), hunting over undulating and varied country largely to grass, jumping stone walls and timber. Going is good. Best centres: Chewton Mendip, Wells, Priddy.


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