West Somerset Foxhounds

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Contact Details

Primary Contact Michael Wear
Prefered Contact Tel. (01984) 623016 or (07745) 957595 Email mwear@btinternet.com
Website TBC

Hunt Details

Hunt Type: Foxhounds
Hound Breed: TBC
Hunt Quarry: TBC
Areas: Somerset
Kennel Address: The Kennels, Bowerhayes Lane, Carhampton, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 6RG Tel: 01643 822526
Counties: Somerset
Primary Country: England
Secondary Country: TBC


Name:Mrs. Angela B. Nation
Start Year:2018
Address:Church Farm, Stoke Pero, Porlock, Minehead, Somerset, TA24 8JT. Tel: 01643 862123. Mob: 07494 320181. Email: harkforrard.churchfarm@btinternet.com
Name:Ian Jones
Start Year:2017
Address:Lower Stone Farm, Brompton Ralph, Taunton, Somerset, TA4 2RT Tel: 01984 624160 Mob: 07973 101788 Email: lowerstonefarm@gmail.co.uk

Former Master(s)

Name:Mrs Julie Long
Start Year:2016
End Year:2018
Name:Steve A Coates
Start Year:2009
End Year:2017
Name:A Committee, 1946-47 Major Walter Luttrell, 1947-48 Major N K Worthington, 1948-50 Mrs M Lavington, 1950-57 Cyril Thomas, 1951-68 Cuthbert Thomas, 1963-68 R D Phillips, 1968-70 J B Stevens, 1970-75 A Committee, 1975-77 J Symons, 1987-89 G Bosley, 1977-92 Miss F Busby, 1990-92 H Scott, 1992-94 A J Cridge, 1993-97 I N Jones, 1997-2003 Mrs S C Doggrell, 2003-2005 M A Hayes, 2003-2005 T H Chidgey, 1994-2005 S Everdell, 2006-2007 Mr J Watson, 2006-2007 Mr D Steer, 2007-2009 Miss W Eaton, 2009-2012 Mr D Watt, 2009-2012 Mr P Ghazala, 2009-2012 Andy Wooff, 2010-2013 Mrs Jean Shortland, 2010-2016 Ian Jones, 2012-2016
Start Year:N/A
End Year:N/A


Name:Tom Baker
Start Year:2017
End Year:N/A
Address:Mob: 07545 342392. Email: tom.w.baker@live.co.uk

Former Huntsmen

Name:Colin Taylor KH, 2009-2012 Steven Coates 2009-2015
Start Year:N/A
End Year:N/A

Kennel Huntsmen





Name:Michael Wear
Start Year:N/A
End Year:N/A
Address:13 Golden Hill Wiveliscombe Taunton Somerset TA4 3NT Tel: 01984 623016 Mob: 07745 957595 Email mwear@btinternet.com


Name:Col. Jackie Smith
Start Year:2017
End Year:N/A
Address:Ditch Farm, Brompton Regis, Dulverton, Somerset, TA22 9NY Tel: 01398 371234 Email: ditchfarm@btinternet.com



Other Roles

Role:No Additonal Roles

Other Previous Roles

Name:Jonathan Marshall
Start Year:N/A
End Year:2017

Other Information

Affiliations: MFHA
Subscription: Apply to Hon Sec.
Meet: Saturday and Wednesday
Season: Season
Uniform: Distinctive Collar: Black velvet. Evening Dress: Red, black velvet collar, red silk facings, Hunt buttons.
Other Notes: TBC

History of the Hunt

Start Year: 0
End Year: N/A
History: TBC

Hunt Country

Hunt Country: The country, which lies in Somerset, extends some 16 miles east to west and about 12 miles north to south. Until 1946 the country was much larger, but from then it was divided between the West Somerset (Western Farmers) and the West Somerset (Quantock Farmers). In 1954 the two Hunts became completely independent. This pack retained the name The West Somerset Hunt; the Quantock Farmers took the name West Somerset Vale. Adjoining Hunts: Minehead Harriers and Exmoor to the west; Dulverton (East) to the south west; Taunton Vale Harriers to the south east; West Somerset Vale to the east; to the north lies the sea.


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