Weston and Banwell Harriers

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Contact Details

Primary Contact Miss C Dimmock
Prefered Contact Tel: 07890 504556
Website TBC

Hunt Details

Hunt Type: Harriers
Hound Breed: West Country Harrier
Hunt Quarry: TBC
Areas: Somerset
Kennel Address: Oaks Farm. Christon Rd Loxton Axbridge
Counties: Somerset
Primary Country: England
Secondary Country: TBC


Name:Mr. Toby Lee
Start Year:2018
Address:Ashgrove Farm, Sand, Wedmore, Somerset, BS28 4XF. Mob: 07768 323732. Email: toby@equinebladesdirect.com
Name:Mr. John Boscherini
Start Year:2018
Address:Heal House Farm, Brent Road, Berrow, Burnham-On-Sea, Somerset, TA8 2JT. Mob: 07736 435292. Email: jbdigituk.ltd@sky.com

Former Master(s)

Name:E A Hardwick, 1921-24 H A Tiarks, 1921-24 F C Tiarks, 1921-24 C H Slade, 1921-24 A M Wilmot, 1924-45 S A M Wilmot, 1945-46 A A Scull, 1945-46 Capt J W Gwyn, MC, 1946-57 Major J Braithwaite, MC, 1957-59 J A Spring (Acting), 1959-61 A Committee, 1961-62 S Pearce (Acting), 1962-63 J D Frost (Acting), 1962-63 Major McEwan, 1963-64 Mr Saxton Pearce, 1963-64 L G Riley, 1965-69 Miss Sandra Riley, 1967-69 J D Frost, 1969-72 Grp Capt J Kirk, 1973-76 G Jones, 1979-83 J Fear, 1979-85 Richard Perry, 1985-93 D J & Mrs R B Gaylard, 1993-94 P Simmonds, 1994-96 Mr G Milton 1996-2015 Mrs L Milton 1998-2015
Start Year:N/A
End Year:N/A



Former Huntsmen


Kennel Huntsmen

Name:Mattie Palmer
Start Year:2015
End Year:N/A


Name:(1992) Mr David Dommett; (1997) Mr Toby Lee; (2002) Mr T Bugler.
Start Year:N/A
End Year:N/A


Name:Miss Christine Dimmock
Start Year:2000
End Year:N/A
Address:Oaks Farm, Loxton, Axbridge, Somerset BS26 2XP Mob: 07890 504556


Name:Mr Trevor Savage
Start Year:2010
End Year:N/A
Address:Russells, 141 Oldmixon Road, Weston-Super-Mare, Somerset, BS24 9QA Tel: 01934 812143 Mob: 07973 109834 Email: trevorsavage@btinternet.com



Other Roles

Name:Miss Gay Puddy
Start Year:2000

Other Previous Roles

Role:No Additonal Roles

Other Information

Affiliations: AMHB, MFHA
Subscription: Apply to Hon Sec.
Meet: Wednesday and Saturday, 11.00 am.
Season: Season
Uniform: Green. Evening Dress: Scarlet, green collar, white facings.
Other Notes: Follows provisions of 2004 Hunting Act

History of the Hunt

Start Year: 1921
End Year: 2022
History: The country was not hunted from 1915, when Messrs Tiarks gave it up, until 1921, when the pack was re-started.

Hunt Country

Hunt Country: The country is approximately 15 miles long and about 10 miles wide, and lies in Somerset in Mendip Farmers Foxhounds country. The land is 90% pasture, 7.5% plough, and 2.5% woodland. It is flat, fields small, and fenced with open water and untrimmed hedges with big ditches and water. There is a little wire. A handy compact horse (bred in the country for preference) is needed. Best centres: Brean and Berrow. Adjoining packs: the Chilmark & Clifton Foot Beagles to the north and east; the Beacon Beagles, Taunton Vale Harriers and West Somerset Hunt to the south west; the Blackmore & Sparkford Vale to the south east; to the west is the sea.


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