Wyre Forest Beagles

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Contact Details

Primary Contact Thorne Duggan
Prefered Contact thornedugganwfb@aol.com
Website TBC

Hunt Details

Hunt Type: Beagles
Hound Breed: beagles
Hunt Quarry: TBC
Areas: Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire
Kennel Address: The Kennels, Bowley Lane, Bodenham, Leominster, Hereford,
Counties: Worcestershire, Herefordshire and Shropshire
Primary Country: England
Secondary Country: TBC


Name:(2000) Thorne Duggan
Start Year:N/A
Address:1 Portland Road, Cockshute Hill, Droitwich, Worcestershire, WR9 7QW Tel: 01905 772492 Mob: 07836 596680 Email: thornedugganwfb@aol.com

Former Master(s)

Name:A F C Crowther, 1956-59 R P Williams, 1947-61 E O Hartwright, 1961-63 R J Wainman, 1961-63 W S Hartwright, 1956-66 Lt Cmdr W N Jones, 1966-69 D J Palmer, 1966-78 D Oliver, 1978-79 Mrs J Bear, 1978-79 R Colver, 1978-90 C Townsend, 1989-90 and 1994-95 R Denny, 1990-95 G Tustin, 1990-95 E Davis, 1995-99 M Bernat-Jones, 1995-2000 Mrs D Meredith, 2000-02 A Jones, 1998-05 P B Trewin, 1999-2012
Start Year:N/A
End Year:N/A


Name:Mr. Thorne Duggan
Start Year:2020
End Year:N/A
Address:See details for Master
Notes:Amateur Huntsman. Previously held Huntsman role 2000-2015

Former Huntsmen

Name:Mr Thorne Duggan, MH 2000-2015 James Bradley K/H 2010-2015
Start Year:N/A
End Year:N/A
Notes:Thorne Duggan returned to Huntsman role in 2020

Kennel Huntsmen

Name:Chris West
Start Year:2022
End Year:N/A
Address:C/o Kennels


Name:(1999) Wayne Duggan; (2004) Derrick Hill; (2004) Richard Stevens; (2007) Helen Dugdale.
Start Year:N/A
End Year:N/A


Name:(2016) Miss Helen Dugdale
Start Year:N/A
End Year:N/A
Address:64 The Meadows, Leominster, Herefordshire, HR6 8RF Tel: 01568 589304 Mob: 07493 983450 Email: helen05pine@gmail.com


Name:Mr Rodney Thompson
Start Year:N/A
End Year:N/A
Address:Oaklands, Risbury, Leominster Herefordshire HR6 ONQ Tel:- 01568 760220 Email:- valeriethompson6@btconnect.com



Other Roles

Name:(2016) Mick OBrien
Start Year:N/A
Role:Hare Conservation Officer
Name:T Duggan
Start Year:N/A

Other Previous Roles

Name:(2010) James Bradley
Start Year:2010
End Year:2020

Other Information

Affiliations: AMHB
Subscription: Single £85. Family £110. Student £45. Cap: members £5.
Meet: Saturday.
Season: Season
Uniform: Distinctive Collar: Fawn. Evening Dress: Dark green, with light fawn facings.
Other Notes: TBC

History of the Hunt

Start Year: 1947
End Year: N/A
History: The Hunt was formed in 1947 by R P Williams as a private pack and taken over by a Committee in 1956. Hounds were originally kennelled at Mr Williams home on the outskirts of the Wyre Forest. After several moves including a season in the kennels of the Hawkstone Otter Hounds at Shobdon, new kennels were built in 1959 near Worcester. Hounds moved in 1990 to the North Hereford Foxhound Kennels.

Hunt Country

Hunt Country: The country is situated in Worcestershire west of the Severn, Herefordshire and South Shropshire. It is bounded on the west and south west by the Glyn Celyn Beagles, on the north by the Shropshire and the Staffordshire Beagles, and on the east by the Warwickshire Beagles. The terrain is grass and arable.


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