Baily's Hunting Directory

Adelaide Hunt Club
Aiken Hounds
Airedale Beagles
Albany & West Lodge Bassets
Albrighton and Woodland
Albrighton Woodland
Ampleforth Beagles
Amwell Valley Hounds
Armagh and Richill Beagles
Ashford Valley Hunt
Ashland Bassets
Avon Vale
Badischer Schleppjagdverein Hardtmeute e.V
Badsworth and Bramham Moor
Ballymacad Foxhounds
Banwen Miners
Barony Bassets
Bath County Hounds
Bear Creek
Bedale Hunt
Belvoir Hunt
Berkeley (Earl of) Foxhounds
Berks and Bucks Draghounds
Bicester Hunt with Whaddon Chase
Bijou Springs
Bilsdale Hunt
Black Combe and District
Blackmoor and Sparkford Vale
Blean Beagles
Blencathra Foxhounds
Blue Mountain
Blue Ridge
Bolebroke Beagles
Border Foxhounds
Braes of Derwent Foxhounds
Brecon and Talybont
Brighton and Storrington
Britannia Beagles
Brook Hunt
Bull Run
Burne bloodhounds
Cambridge University Drag Hunt
Cambridgeshire Hunt with Enfield Chace
Cape Hunt and Polo Club
Carlow Farmers
Carlow Farmers & Kildare
Carmarthenshire Hunt
Casanova Hunt
Catterick Beagles
Cattistock Hunt
Charles James
Cheshire Beagles
Cheshire Drag Hunt
Cheshire Forest Hunt
Cheshire Hunt
Chiddingfold, Leconfield & Cowd'
Chilmark & Clifton Foot
Christ Church and Farley Hill Beagles
Claro Beagles
Clear Creek Beagles
Clettwr Hunt
Clifton-on-Teme Hunt
Clinkard Meon Valley Beagles
Cloyne Harriers
Club Del Lanceo
Coakham Bloodhounds
College Valley - North Northumberland
Colne Valley Beagles
Coniston Foxhounds
Cork National Hunt Club
Cotley Harriers
Cotswold Hunt
Cotswold Vale Farmers'
Cottesmore Hunt
County Clare Foxhounds
County Limerick Foxhounds
Courtenay Tracy Hounds
Cranwell Bloodhounds
Crawley and Horsham
Croome and West Warwickshire
Cumberland Farmers Foxhounds
Cumberland Foxhounds
Curre and Llangibby
Dannevirke Hunt
David Davies Hunt
De Burgh and North Essex Harehounds
De La Brooke Foxhounds
De Veluwe Hunt
Derbyshire Nottinghamshire and Staffordshire Beagles
Derwent Foxhounds
Devon and Cornwall Mink Hounds
Devon and Somerset Staghounds
Donegal Harriers
Dove Valley
Drumlin Harriers
Duke of Beaufort's
Duke of Buccleuch’s
Dulverton (West) Foxhounds
Dulverton Farmers
Dumfriesshire & Stewartry
Dummer Beagles
Dunston Harriers
East Anglian Bloodhounds
East Cornwall
East Essex Foxhounds
East Galway
East Kent Foxhounds
East Lincs Bassets
East Sussex and Romney Marsh Hunt
Eastern Bay of Plenty
Eastern Counties Mink Hounds
Easton Harriers
Ecclesfield Beagles
Eglington Foxhounds
Egmont-Wanganui Hunt
Elkridge-Harford Hunt
Equipage Bon Bois Capucin
Equipage Cas’telré
Equipage de Lyons
Equipage de Rivecourt
Essex and Suffolk Hunt
Essex Farmers' And Union Foxhounds
Essex Foxhounds UK
Eton College
Exmoor Foxhounds
Fairfax Hunt
Farmers Bloodhounds
Farndale Hunt
Fernie Hunt
Findon Harriers
Fingal Harriers
Fitzwilliam Hunt
Four Burrow Foxhounds
Four Shires Bloodhounds
Four Winds Foxhounds
Fourshires Basset Hounds
Fox River Valley
Galway (Blazers)
Gelligaer Farmers Foxhounds
Glamorgan Foxhounds
Glyn Celyn Beagles
Goldburn Beagle Hunt Club
Golden Vale
Golden Valley Hunt
Goshen Hounds
Grafton Foxhounds
Grallagh Harriers
Green Mountain
Green Spring Valley Hounds
Grove and Rufford
Hamburger Schleppjagd-Verein
Hamilton Hunt
Hampshire Hunt
Hawkes Bay
Heythrop Hunt
Hickory Creek Hunt
Hidden Meadows Beagles
High Peak Hunt
Highmoor Bloodhounds
Holcombe Harriers
Holme Valley Beagles
Hunsley Beacon Beagles
Hunter Valley
Hursley Hambledon
Hurworth Hunt
Ilminster Beagles
Island Foxhounds
Isle of Wight Foot Beagles
Isle of Wight Hunt
Iveagh Foxhounds
Kent and Sussex Minkhounds
Kildare Foxhounds
Kildare Foxhounds & Carlow Farmers
Killeady Harriers
Killkenny and Island
Killultagh, Old Rock and Chichester Foxhounds
Kilmoganny Hunt
King Country Hunt
L'équipage de la Futaie Des Amis
Lambo beagles
Laois (Queen's County) Foxhounds
Leadon Vale Bassets
Ledbury Foxhounds
Limerick Harriers
Llangeinor Pentyrch
London Hunt
Long Run Hounds
Los Altos Hounds
Loudoun Fairfax
Loudoun Hunt West
Lowcountry Hunt
Meath Foxhounds
Mecklenburg Hounds
Melbourne Hunt
Mells Fox Hounds
Mendip Farmers' Hunt
Meynell And South Staffordshire
Mid Wales and Glamorgan MH
Mid-Antrim Harriers
Mid-Surrey Farmers' Drag
Middleburg Hunt
Middleton Foxhounds
Middleton Place Hounds
Midland Fox Hounds
Mill Creek
Millbrook Hunt
Minehead Harriers
Modbury Harriers
Monkton Hall Bassets
Monmouthshire Hunt
Morpeth Hunt
Mr Kerr's Beagles
Mr Stewart's Cheshire Foxhounds
Mullinavat and District Harriers
Muskerry Hunt
Myopia Hunt
Nantucket-Treweryn Beagles
New Forest Beagles
New Forest Hounds
New Market - Middletown Valley Hounds
Newcastle and District Beagles
Newry Harriers
Norfolk Hunt Club
North Bucks Beagles
North Cornwall
North Cotswold
North Down Foxhounds
North Galway
North Herefordshire
North Hills Hunt
North Kilkenny Foxhounds
North Lonsdale Hunt
North Norfolk Harriers
North Shropshire Foxhounds
North Staffordshire Foxhounds
North Tipperary Foxhounds
North Tyne Foxhounds
North Warwickshire Beagles
Northamptonshire Mink Hounds
Northern Counties Mink Hounds
Northern Hunt Club
Northland Hunt
Oakley Foot Beagles
Oakley Hunt
Okaw Valley Foot Bassets
Old Berkeley Beagles
Old Berkshire
Old Dominion Hounds
Old Surrey, Burstow...
Ootacamund Hunt.
Orange County Hunt
Oriel Harriers
Ormond foxhounds
Ottawa Valley
Palmer Marlborough Beagles
Paradise Valley Beagles
Park Beagles
Pembrokeshire and Carmarthenshire Minkhounds
Pendle Forest and Craven Harriers
Pennine Foxhounds
Per Ardua
Percy Hunt
Pevensey Marsh Beagles
Piedmont Fox Hounds
Pimpernel (Royal Signals) Beagles
Pipewell Beagles
Pipewell Foot Beagles
Portman Hunt
Purbeck and Bovington Beagles
Pytchley Hunt
Quantock Stag Hounds
Radley College Beagles
Radnor Hunt
Radnorshire and West Herefordshire Foxhounds
Rallie mes Amis
Rallye Dampierre
Rallye Mondrots
Rallye Tempête
Rallye Trois Foret
Readyfield Bloodhounds
Red Rock Hounds
River Hills Foxhounds
Rockwood Harriers
Ross Harriers
Rotorua & Bay of Plenty
Route Harriers
Royal Agricultural College
Royal Artillery
Ryeford Chase
Sandanona Hare Hounds
Sandhurst and Aldershot Beagles
Santa Ynez Valley Hunt
SC and RMA Sandhurst Drag
Scarteen Hunt
Seavington Hunt
Severn Vale
Shawnee Hounds
Sinnington Hunt
Sir Watkin Williams-Wynn's
Skycastle French Hounds
Snickersville Hounds
Società mitteleuropea della caccia a cavallo
Societa Romana della Caccia...
South County Down Harriers
South Devon
South Dorset Hunt
South Downs Blood Hounds
South Notts
South Pembrokeshire Hunt
South Shropshire
South Tetcott Foxhounds
South Wold
Southdown and Eridge Hunt
Southern Shires Bloodhounds
Spring Valley Hounds
Stevenstone Foxhounds
Stoke Hill Beagles
Stokesley Farmers Beagles
Stonehall Harriers
Stour Valley Beagles
Stowe Beagles
Suffolk Hunt
Sunnyland Beagles Hunt Club
Surrey Union
Tara Harriers
Taranaki Hunt Club
Taunton Vale
Taunton Vale Harriers
Tedworth Hunt
Teme Valley Foxhounds
Tennessee Valley
Thornton Hill Fort Valley Hounds
Three Counties Bloodhounds
Tintern Hare Hounds
Tipperary Foxhounds
Tiverton Foxhounds
Tocumwal Hunt Club
Toronto and North York
Tredegar Farmers
Triple B Hunt
Tryon Hounds
Tynedale Foxhounds
United Pack
Upper Bay Bassets
Vale of Aylesbury Hunt
Vale of Lune Harriers
Vale of White Horse Hunt (VWH)
Vale Royal Bloodhounds
Vautrait piqu'avant Bretagne
Venerie du Berry
Vine & Craven
Waikato Hunt
Waimate District
Waitemata Hunt
Warwickshire Beagles
Waveney Harriers
Weardale and Tees Valley Beagles
Wentworth Hunt
Weser Vale Hunt Ev
West Dublin Foot Beagles
West Norfolk Foxhounds
West of Yore Hunt
West Percy
West Somerset Beagles
West Somerset Foxhounds
West Somerset Vale
West Street Tickham
West Wicklow Foxhounds
Westerby Bassets
Westmeath Beagles
Westmeath Foxhounds
Wexford Foxhounds
Whiskey Road Foxhounds
Why Worry Hounds
Wick & District Beagles
Wiggins Hounds
Wilton Foxhounds
Wiltshire and Infantry Beagles
Windy Hollow
Wolver Beagles
Woodford Foxhounds
Woodland Pytchley Hunt
Woodrock Beagles
Woolaston Bassets
Worcestershire Hunt
Worcs & West Farmers Drag
Wye Beagles
Wyre Forest Beagles
York and Ainsty (North)
York and Ainsty South
Yorkshire Farmers Bloodhounds
Ytene Hound Club
Zebraky Hunt
Zetland Hunt

Holme Valley Beagles

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