Boon Doone Meet 18 September 2023

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2023
In: Hunt Reports
Written by: Glenmore Hunt

A very dry, desiccated summer could not dampen the enthusiasm of eight and a half couple of hounds, Huntsman Julie Bullock, five whippers in, two in training and nineteen field members meeting at the Bonnie Doon fixture.
After a few words of welcome, Julie took the hounds west towards the river. Almost immediately, the hounds hit a night line. Our hounds worked hard to find a line, but could not own it. After drawing along the river, the huntsman put the hounds into a large field of standing corn. Almost immediately, we heard the rising and falling of the voices of the chorus as a fox was roused. After quite a bit of this, the field enjoyed a view of a big, red fox running along the corn rows on the eastern side of the field. Tuesday (sponsored by T Stewart) and Annalee (sponsored by Lili Wykle led the chase.
After about two hours, the huntsman called the hounds in. All reported in except for Tugboat (sponsored by Missy and John Burnett) and Potomac (sponsored by Angelika and Rod O’Donnell) who continued to hunt until gathered by our dedicated staff.
Glenmore members, staff and guests enjoyed a breakfast at the top of a hill with a gorgeous view of the Blue Ridge Mountains to the east and the Alleghenies to the west.