Glemore Opening Meet 2023

Posted on Tuesday, October 24, 2023
In: Hunt Reports
Written by: Courtesy Glenmore Hunt

The field gathered in front of Bellevue, a brick beauty built in the late 18th century. An elegant stirrup cup was served to over 30 riders gathered on the lawn. Just before we set out, former Huntsman & Master of the Stonewall Hounds presented Huntsman Julie Bullock, DVM with her horn.
With a toot of the horn, Huntsman Julie, accompanied by Huntsman & MFH of Rockbridge Hunt began to move the 8 couple of hounds off the grounds. Almost simultaneously, the historic N&W 611 steam locomotive huffed down the railroad tracks just to the east of Hewitt Road.
The hounds explored the covert that runs northwest back towards Bellevue. This usually produces a fox, but on this day, no one was home. From here, the huntsman cast the hounds into the vale below Picnic Hill. About a third of the way into the wood, the hounds opened and were off.
The fields galloped up the path to the east and turned onto the Bear Trail, chopped down the hill, over the creek and through the line gate. Riders paused on a hilltop just to the west of the Corner and then plunged down the hill to the east, over a creek and up the next hill towards Scott Christian Rd. Staff viewed away a tan coyote.
The day was not done. The hounds moved through a line of trees that runs east to west towards the road and a black coyote looped back through Coyote Corner headed south. The flights followed the hounds down the draw to the south as he retraced his flight westward. On this run, the coyote made good his escape over Scott Christian Rd where our Wheel Whips halted the hounds progress.
Following lavish praise to our hounds, the fields followed hounds and staff as we headed to draw the covert that runs back to Bellevue. Shortly into this course, the hounds opened again. Hounds followed the scent diligently amongst the thicket and followed the game headed easterly over the railroad tracks. Whipper-in Anne and car followers pulled up the forward hounds and staff redirected them back to their huntsman.
With profuse thanks to all for a great day, Glenmore and our guests adjourned to Charlie’s Machine Shed for the hunt breakfast and joyful recounting of the day’s events.