Glengaragh and Mueller’s, Hunting Valley, November 2023

Posted on Sunday, November 5, 2023
In: Hunt Reports
Written by: Karen Dickson MH

Exploring the ravines and woods surrounding the windswept fields of Glengaragh and the adjacent Mueller’s is always a very special treat. The beautiful landscape boasts breathtaking beauty and a biodiverse habitat that supports many creatures great and small…which means we are not the only beings out there searching for rabbits. With all of the stiff competition, our beagles had their first blank day of the season, but I am not at all disappointed in our outing. In fact, I feel proud and confident about the beagle pack. Every beagle (even the usual “ankle bracelets”) worked enthusiastically and also showed me a steadiness for which I am incredibly grateful, especially as they flushed a pair of young does out of a patch of bulrushes early on. Penny gave us a few squeaks in the downhill thicket behind the Mueller‘s orchard, but my most accurate noses did not honor her, so I am chalking up her vocalizations to excitement.
Later in the hunt, the beagles flushed a beautiful ring neck rooster pheasant. My father often paraphrases an old saying: “one rabbit up and running is worth a dozen pheasants on the wing”… but since we were unable to jump a rabbit, seeing that beautiful pheasant take flight was a treat for us, indeed.
The finest hunting work today was accomplished by one of our juniors, JH. This sweet, young lady found a 4-point shed antler and made her father a proud papa! Back at the hunt truck and the stone wall, an alfresco potluck awaited, with contributions by many. Thank you to all who brought something to share! Sincere thanks, also to our gracious landowners, our hardworking staff, and our enthusiastic supporters. Thank you all for spending a great morning outdoors with us!