Hot Day at Picnic Hill

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2023
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Written by: Glenmore Hunt

19th September .
As the huntsman and whippers-in adorned the hounds with their tracking collars, they discovered that Aloe managed to stowaway for the day’s fun. The revised total of hounds at nine and a half couple also included two puppies, Jojo (Jolene) and Jello.
At the appointed time, Huntsman Julie led the hounds west to the CREP that parallels the railroad tracks and turned south to the farmyard. About a quarter mile in, the hounds opened with a roar and headed southwest, ignoring the numerous deer bounding out of the covert to the left and right. Jojo, with all the excitement, may have been tempted by these two toes but the whips quickly corrected her.
The pack exited the CREP near the farmyard and the Huntsman roaded them south on Hewitt Road towards the “old reliable” CREP. This covert is thus named because it can usually be relied upon to produce a chase. After some diligent work, the hounds opened again and spoke on the trail of a fox. Sometimes, the fox that lives here can be convinced to turn west and break for open country. On this day, however, the chase ended with the fox taking cover in one of the many refuges available here.
Encouraged by this strike, staff guided the hounds to the CREP to the east of Picnic Hill. Drawing the hounds north along the top of the hill, the Huntsman turned them into the Bear Trail and down to Ida’s Creek. Along the creek, the hounds struck another line, possibly a coyote. The coyote led hounds and riders on a chase west entering Coyote Corner and then turning north towards the line of trees perpendicular to Scott-Christian Road.
With the heat rising and the hounds, and humans, thirsty after over two hours of hunting, the cavalcade roaded back to the trailers and discussed the day’s events over a delicious breakfast.