Hy Hill Farm Meet 26th Sept 2023

Posted on Thursday, September 28, 2023
In: Hunt Reports
Written by: Peter Brook

 Ten couple of hounds provided staff and field with the day’s rousing entertainment at Hy Hill Farm. The hounds set out at 8 am with Huntsman Julie Bullock, three whippers in and one in training. The field included two flights, faster and slower.
The Huntsman hacked the hounds to the large pasture to the south of the Briar Patch and drew the hounds northward along a line of trees. The hounds opened tentatively at first then, with a roar, they headed northeast into the woods. The pack split at some point with the major portion following what we suspected was a black coyote to the west. A smaller group of hounds headed east also probably tracking a coyote.
Thanks to some hard riding of Whipper-In Jake Arbaugh and his bay OTTB, he turned the lead hounds and probably the coyote just as they were about to break out of Glenmore’s country. Ricochet (Sponsored by Jenner Brunk) and Tugboat (Missy and John Burnett) led this group. On the black coyote’s return trip through the Briar Patch and across the pasture, third flight viewed the hounds about thirty yards behind the game.
First Flight did its best to keep up by periodically negotiating steep, greasy hills, cantering through the winding trails of the Briar Patch and thrilling gallops across the wide-open pastures. Eventually, the flight settled for listening to the rise and fall of the hound music across the vast stage that is our beautiful fixture.
After about an hour of chasing, the Huntsman began to call in the hounds. The tired, but happy hounds, began to trickle in. With eight and half couple reporting in, our valiant Whipper-In Ida Rademacher reported that she had three hounds with her including Bayberry (sponsored by Ida) and two youngsters, Jello (Jakki and Alex Avery) and Jojo (Julie Bullock). Training Whipper-In Lindsay Johnson galloped off to help Ida herd these hounds back to the pack.
With the pack successfully reunited, we hacked back to the trailers and enjoyed a festive if slightly soggy breakfast.