Trimble’s Mill Oct 10th 2023

Posted on Sunday, October 15, 2023
In: Hunt Reports
Written by: Glemore Hunt Mastership

Cooler weather greeted the six couple of hounds at Glenmore’s Trimbles Mill fixture. A steady wind made quick work of the morning dew. After greeting our host, we set out past the beautiful brick home in the style of a classic Virginia farmhouse of a central hall with two windows on each side crowned by three windows on the top floor.
We descended the hill from the farmhouse to the hayfield below and watched as our Huntsman drew the hounds through the base of a large, wooded hill that runs westward from the farmyard. The hounds dove into the wood gleefully and after much hard work, the hounds rewarded staff and field by opening, briefly, on a creature lurking in the woods.
Unfortunately, the creature’s scent faded quickly, and the Huntsman picked up the hounds and took them northward to draw the large wood and pasture to the south of the vineyard. The field gamely negotiated the steep hills, wood filled with deadfall and, somehow, still boggy creek beds in this section of the fixture.
The hounds, in a desperate attempt to produce their game, began to hunt more widely. A whipper-in found one hound, Julep, more than a mile from the pack but urged her back to her comrades. The Huntsman paused at the top of the hill to gather the pack and then pushed them eastward towards the road. The field moved through a field of waist high vegetation whose golden leaves were enhanced by the beautiful autumn sunshine.
After descending the hill, staff and field negotiated some old wire fencing before entering the Middle River, which is less than six feet wide at this point. After refreshing hounds and some of the horses, our First Flight leader led us on a gallop towards the road.
To reach the road from this point requires ducking into a CREP area with thick, six-foot grasses for about fifty yards before exiting to the road. Staff and field negotiated this path and exited at the road with the help of our road whips. At the end of the day both Staff and field enjoyed a well deserved,  hearty, but breezy breakfast.