Master Brigitte Roggendorf

Posted on Friday, October 27, 2023
In: Obituaries
Written by: Taunus Meute Ev.

It is with deep sorrow that we say goodbye to Brigitte Roggendorf – a hunter for many years and joint master since 2010 and Master of the Taunusmeute since 2016. Her tragic accident at her passion, tug hunting with dogs, has left us deeply shaken. The horse, her longtime companion Bluna, crashed on her while jumping and the rider was instantly dead. It should be her 300. Hunting, which she wanted to celebrate joyfully in Hermannsburg. She was no longer allowed to do that.

The horse remained unhurt, the hunt was aborted.
Brigitte was the heart of the crowd, at the same time always first concerned about her son Philipp, of whom she was so proud, also because he began to share her passion for hunting. Dogs, horses and riders were their other family. With a big heart, humble, warm hearted and always integrating for the good of the people. She will be remembered forever as a passionate hunter, a master of her craft, and a loving friend. Their joy of dogs and horses, as well as their tireless dedication to the animals and the Taunus herd, is a lasting example.
She was a child educator by profession and guided the dogs like children with great love, care and emphasis. A successful and remarkable trail that made hunts behind her and the crowd a special experience. She lived up to her good reputation, not only as an equestrian, but also as an expert with dogs. She was successful several times at the young dog show in Schwarzenstein as a breeder of a champion or a champion. This year she and her hounds of the Taunus crowd even won all three possible titles, including for the best foxhound litter and won together with her joint master Jörg Pfeifer the trophy for best breeding this and last year. With great dedication she led the regular training of the dogs she truly admired, on foot and on horseback. Brigitte Roggendorf was a great and irreplaceable person.
Brigitte Roggendorf leaves her son Philipp. The father of the 18-year-old, Gerhard Sauer, and her mother and sisters in Rhineland are their family. Our condolences to her son Philipp and the family.
Her 50th birthday on the 23rd. March 2024 she wanted to go on a big hunt. She won’t be given that anymore, but the Taunus crowd will invite you to a Brigitte-Roggendorf memorial ride in the Taunus in spring 2024

She died behind her beloved dogs and the sport that her heart beat for. But sadly much too soon.

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