West of England Hound Show 2023

Posted on Sunday, August 20, 2023
In: Show Results
Written by: Peter Brook


Class  1 Local/Novice Unentered Renny Cup
1st Cattistock Gralloch
2nd Cattistock Radical
3rd S Devon Grendon
Res S&W Wilts Dorset
Special Old English Mendip Tarzan
Class 2 Local/Novice Entered Hale Cup
1st Taunton  Vale Foreman
2nd Dartmoor Forager
3rd Mendip Doughnut
Res S&W Wilts Latimer
Special Old English Mendip Doughnut
Class 3 Unentered Couple
1st Dulverton West Fortnum & Captain
2nd Cotswold Farrier & Farmer
3rd Portman Ranston & Rapper
Res Cattistock Greenwich & Gralloch
Special Local Dulverton West Fortnum & Captain
Special Single Portman Ranston
Class 4 Entered Couple
1st Taunton  Vale Foreman/Founder
2nd Dulverton West Ginger/Ragdale
3rd Mendip Doctor/Doughnut
Res Torrington Farmers Limerick/Lifebuoy
Special Local Taunton  Vale Founder
Class 5 2 Couple Murphy Cup
1st Dulverton West Ginger/Gordon/Ragdale/Raglan
2nd Taunton  Vale Foreman/Founder/Footpad/Banter
3rd Cattistock Deputy/Desmond/Drifter/Gryffindor
Res Portman Crichel/Radnor/Danger/Asylum
Class 6 Stallion Hound
1st Dulverton West Ragdale
2nd Portman Asylum
3rd Berkeley Fairford
Res S Dorset Lonsdale
Local Champion Dog Taunton  Vale Foreman
Res Dulverton West Ginger
Champion Dog Taunton  Vale Foreman
Res Dulverton West Ginger
Class 7 Local/Novice Unentered
1st West Somerset Sandy
2nd S&W Wilts Widgeon
3rd S Dorset Plimsoll
Res Tiverton Willow
Special Old English Tiverton Willow
Class 8 Local/Novice Entered Morrish
1st Taunton  Vale Foxtrot
2nd Mendip Dora
3rd West Somerset Graceful
Res Taunton  Vale Fortune
Special Old English
Class 9 Unentered Couple
1st S&W Wilts Widgeon/Wiillow
2nd Portman Rainbow/Rattle
3rd Cotswold Dora/Dollar
Res Wilton Relic/Poet
Special Local Couple S&W Wilts Widgeon&Willow Howard Tankard
Special Single Portman Rainbow
Class 10 Entered Couple
1st N Cotswold Wagtail/Warning
2nd Dulverton West Bodice/Bodkin
3rd West Somerset Graceful/Gracious
Res Portman Bankok/Bankrupt
Special Local/Novice West Somerset Graceful/Gracious
Class 11 2 Couple
1st N Cotswold Wagtail/Watchful/Warning/Motive
2nd Dulverton West Bobbin/Bodice/Bodkin/treacle
3rd Taunton  Vale Foxtrot/Fortune/Gravy/Graceland
Res Royal Artillery Forage/Forefeit/Fossil/Fovant
Class 12 Brood Bitch Gosling
1st Taunton  Vale Grayling
2nd West Somerset Grayling
3rd Cotswold Gazelle
Res Portman Astrid
Local Champion Bitch Taunton  Vale Foxtrot Tozer
Res Taunton  Vale Grayling
Champion Bitch Taunton  Vale Foxtrot
Res N Cotswold Watchful
Class 13 Unentered Dog
1st DVSP&M Cambridge
2nd Cotley Watchman
3rd Ross Buoyant
Res Ross Batterby
Special Local DVSP&M Cambridge
Class 14 Single Entered Dog
1st Cotley N Norfolk Blakeney
2nd DVSP&M Waiter
3rd Cotley Badger
Res Ross Devon
Special Local Cotley N Norfolk Blakeney
Class 15 Dog Couple (any age)
1st Axe Vale Winston & Landacre
2nd DVSP&M Batchelor & Waiter
3rd Ross Bankok & Devon
Res Ross Bouyant/Battersby
Special Local Cotley N Norfolk Blakeney
Class 16 Stallion Hound
1st Cotley Lazer
2nd Ross Devon
3rd Ross Bankok
Special Local
Champion Dog Cotley N Norfolk Blakeney
Res DVSP&M Baskerville
Champion Westcountry Cotley N Norfolk Blakeney Cotley Landlord
Harrier Dog RES DVSP&M Baskerville
Class 17 Unentered Bitch
1st DVSP&M Cally
2nd DVSP&M Catkin
3rd Ross Babble
Res Ross Bumble
Special Local DVSP&M Cally
Class 18 Entered Bitch
1st Cotley Banter
2nd Axe Vale Lavendar
3rd DVSP&M Banjo
Res Axe Vale Stylish
Special Local Cotley Banter
Class 19 Bitch Couple (any age)
1st DVSP&M Warble & Waxy
2nd Ross Dewberry & Devious
3rd Axe Vale Tango & Trifle
Res Cotley Regal & Relic
Special Local DVSP&M Warble & Waxy
Class 20 Brood Bitch
1st Cotley Hasty
2nd DVSP&M Caddie
3rd DVSP&M Warble
Res Ross Query
Special Local Cotley Hasty
Class 21 Brood Bitch and 2 Progeny
1st DVSP&M Caddie/Cambridge/Callie
2nd Cotley Hasty/Bashful/Banter
3rd Ross Query/Battersby/Babble
Special Local DVSP&M Caddie/Cambridge/Callie
Champion Bitch Cotley Banter Lt Col Eames
Res Axe Vale Lavender
Local Dog/Bitch Cotley N Norfolk Blakeney Animal Health Trust
Champion Westcountry Cotley Banter
Harrier Bitch TVD Eames
Champion Overall Cotley N Norfolk Blakeney Gingell
Res Cotley Banter


Class 22 Unenetered Dog
1st DSSH Parracombe
2nd Tiverton Sampson
3rd DSSH Parson
Res Tiverton Sailor
Class 23 Entered Dog
1st Tiverton A&Woodland Batchelor
2nd DSSH Panther
3rd DSSH Poacher
Res Tiverton Postman
Class 24 Dog Couple (any age)
1st DSSH Panther & Winston
2nd DSSH Parracombe & Parson
3rd Tiverton Dunkery & Dublin
Res DSSH Gallant & Poacher
Class 25 Stallion Hound
1st Tiverton Landrover
2nd DSSH Tiverton Danger
3rd DSSH Charger
Res Tiverton Poacher
Champion Dog Tiverton A&Woodland Batchelor
Res DSSH Panther
Class 26 Unentered Bitch
1st Quantock Wagtail
2nd DSSH Pancake
3rd DSSH Pansy
Res Tiverton Satin
Class 27 Entered Bitch
1st Quantock Lottie
2nd Quantock Pottery
3rd DSSH Gala
Res Tiverton Daylight
Class 28 Bitch Couple (any age)
1st DSSH Pancake & Pansy
2nd Tiverton Daylight & Damage
3rd DSSH Boveridge&Gala
Res Quantock Waffle 7 Wagtail
Class 29 Brood Bitch
1st DSSH D West Profit
2nd Quantock Groovy
3rd DSSH Latin
Res Tiverton Lavender
Champion Bitch Quantock Lottie
Res Quantock Pottery


Class 30 Unentered Dog
1st Taw Vale Crofter
2nd Wilts & Infantry Venom
3rd Chilmark & C Foot Vandal
Res Stoke Hill & Ndartmoor Temple
Class 31 Entered Dog
1st N Devon Marvel
2nd Chilmark & C Foot Barber
3rd Stoke Hill & Ndartmoor Baker
Res Wilts & Infantry Garrison
Class 32 Dog Couple (any age)
1st RAC Scrutiny & Stilton
2nd Taw Vale Granite & Modbury
3rd Taw Vale Molland & Tangent
Res N Devon Member & Marvel
Class 33 Stallion Hound
1st Palmer Marlborough Winston
2nd Chilmark & C Foot Cambridge
3rd Taw Vale Granite
Res RAC Viking
Class 34 Novice Dog
1st Stoke Hill & N Dartmoor Temple
2nd Chilmark & C Foot Jethro
3rd N Devon Soldier
Res Wilts & Infantry Vanquish
Local Champion Dog N Devon Marvel
Res Chilmark & C Foot Cambridge
Champion Dog Palmer Marlborough Winston
Res N Devon Marvel
Class 35 Unentered Bitch
1st Radley College Bagel
2nd Wilts & Infantry Foolish
3rd Chilmark & C Foot Vanity
Res Palmer Marlborough Potion
Class 36 Entered Bitch
1st Chilmark & C Foot Casket
2nd Ilminster& W Somerset Virus
3rd Radley College Whotney
Res RAC Dainty
Class 37 Bitch Couple (any age)
1st Chilmark & C Foot Catkin/Chancer
2nd Pimpernel Magic/Lively
3rd N Devon Candy/Clover
Res RAC Willow/Wishful
Class 38 Brood Bitch
1st Stoke Hill & Ndartmoor Waxwing
2nd Chilmark & C Foot Charming
3rd Palmer Marlborough Tonic
Res Radley College Witness
Class 39 Brood Bitch and 2 Progeny
1st RAC Folly/Willow/Wishful
2nd Radley College Witness/Whitney/Winter
3rd Chilmark & C Foot Flutter/Maiden/Mandate
Res Taw Vale Cherish/Crofter/Craftsman
Class 40 Novice Bitch
1st Wilts & Infantry Friendly
2nd N Devon Cleo
3rd Pimpernel Lively
Res Taw Vale Crafty
Local Champion Bitch Chilmark & C Foot Casket
Res Stoke Hill & Ndartmoor Waxwing
Champion Bitch Chilmark & C Foot Casket
Res RAC Willow
Military Pack Wilts & Infantry
Unentered Hound Class Radley College Bagel
Class 41 Single Purebred Dog
1st Pembroke & C Seiclon
2nd Pembroke & C Seisylit
Class 42 Purebred Dog Couple
1st Pembroke & C Seiclon/Talsarn
Class 43 Best Stallion Hound
1st Pembroke & C Seisylit
Champion Pure-bred Dog Pembroke & C Seisylit
Class 44 Single Purebred Bitch
1st Pembroke & C Tegfan
Class 45 Purebred Bitch Couple
1st Pembroke & C Tanglwst/Blubell
Class 46 Purebred Brood Bitch
Champion Pure-bred Bitch Pembroke & C Siocled
Local Pure-bred Champion
Pure-bred Champion Pembroke & C Siocled
Res Pembroke & C Seisyllt
Class 47 Part-bred Dog
1st Culmstock Fiji
2nd Culmstock Captain
3rd Culmstock Chaplain
Res N/A
Class 48 Part-bred Dog Couple
1st Culmstock Captain/Chaplain
2nd Courtney Tracy Rusty/Rambo
Class 49 Part-bred Stallion Hound
1st Culmstock Captain
2nd Courtney Tracy Rambo
Class 50 Part-bred Bitch
1st Culmstock Mayfly
2nd Courtney Tracy Phoebe
3rd Courtney Tracy Cornflower
Res Culmstock Fidget
Class 51 Part-bred Bitch Couple
No entries
Class 52 Part-bred Brood Bitch
1st Culmstock Fidget
2nd Courtney Tracy Cornflower
Champion Part-bred Culmstock Captain
Res Culmstock Mayfly
Champion of Champions Pembroke & C Siocled
Res Culmstock Captain

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