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Since Baily’s began in 1897 some 120 years ago, as an annual publication Baily’s Hunting Directory has been widely acknowledged as the only truly comprehensive source of information on registered hunts and hunting worldwide. Over this time we have had regular write-ups in the traditional media such as:- Daily Telegraph, The Field, The New Yorker, Tatler etc.

Baily’s Hunting Directory (BHD) has had many owners in its long history including, Vintons, JA Allen,  IPC (publishers of The Field and Horse and Hound) and Pearson Publishing who were instrumental in taking the publication on-line to be published online as part of an exciting new hunting web site,

Fondly referred to by those in the hunting world as the ‘red-backed bible of hunting’ Baily’s has been online since 2011 but has continued its policy of offering the most exceptional content, images, goods and services we can find for our affluent and discerning readers.

Company Overview

Edited from 1995 until 2009 by Lt Gen Sir Barney White-Spunner and sold as a case bound annual directory to an affluent and discerning niche audience the decision was taken to expand the brand and take the annual edition online at  

This decision enabled the publishers to expose the book to a wider international audience.

Verified Subscribers have the ability to access the Directory, which remains the only comprehensive and authoritative source of information on hunts worldwide, being an online resource this can be updated daily. However, the web site also includes hunting-related articles and news, a gallery, new product and book reviews, hunt button collecting advice and discussion, a hunt and country lifestyle section and links to many hunting organizations across the globe.

  • Directory section covering all types of packs in 22 countries
  • Major hound and puppy show results from around the world going back to 1894
  • Comprehensive photographic gallery with a constantly growing repository of 6000+ images of hound and hunting captured by some of the best hound and equestrian photographers available.
  • Daily updates of articles, news and incisive commentary from some of the best hunting and countryside writers worldwide
  • Regular book and product reviews



Subscriber base and social media reach 3rd Quarter 2020

We have 13000+ followers through social media with a mean of 110,000 page views per month and a mean of 16.5k Twitter impressions per quarter

Regular News


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In addition to our online presence and avidly followed social media activity. We are always keen to meet our affluent and discerning audience. This is achieved by attending a variety of events throughout the year both here and abroad. These visits provide the opportunity to obtain audience feedback and promote Baily’s new and established product range together with occasional goods and services from carefully selected advertisers.


Bailys HD is owned and run by Peter & Dr Helen Brook who have a background in Law and Science respectively. Though they have not been professionally employed as hunt staff they share a deep-seated love for hunting with hounds and possess extensive expertise in IT and electronic publishing.  Peter has ridden with, and followed a large number of hound packs and been elected to serve on the committees of both foot and mounted packs. Helen’s legendary and well-tested ability to provide a table laden with a  ‘full-on piping hot hunt tea, in the middle of ‘Nowhere’ in failing light, from the back of a vehicle has gladdened the heart of many:- from rain-drenched members of hunt staff to the first-time follower!

They would be delighted to discuss any advertising or potential partnership arrangements that can benefit Baily’s affluent and discerning readership. They can be contacted  via


Regular contributors include Sir Jonny Scott, Jim Barrington, Nigel Bean, Midge Todhunter and David Oldroyd-Bolt

The team are regularly ‘assisted’ throughout the year by various hound pups ‘at walk’  and retired hounds. The more mature canine crew can sometimes be relied upon to provide useful in-depth product assessment, but, they are actually much keener on scenting out the best sport by the radiator and ‘just the right’ biscuits for the day.