Hunting in Canada

Currently Listing 12 packs of hounds (2 Disbanded)

*Disbanded hunts will show at bottom of list.
Hunt Name Location Hunt Type
Annapolis Valley HuntCanadaFoxhoundsView
Beaver Meadow FoxhoundsCanadaFoxhoundsView
Eglinton and Caledon HuntCanadaFoxhoundsView
Hamilton HuntCanadaFoxhoundsView
Lake of Two Mountains HuntCanadaFoxhoundsView
Montreal HuntCanadaFoxhoundsView
Old Port BassetsCanadaBassetsView
Ottawa Valley HuntCanadaDraghoundsView
Pond Hill BeaglesCanadaBeaglesView
Tintern Hare HoundsCanadaBassetsView
Toronto and North York HuntCanadaFoxhoundsView
Wellington Waterloo HuntCanadaFoxhoundsView
Fraser Valley Hunt(Disbanded)CanadaDraghoundsView
London Hunt(Disbanded)CanadaFoxhoundsView