Hunting in France

Currently Listing 12 packs of hounds (0 Disbanded)

*Disbanded hunts will show at bottom of list.
Hunt Name Location Hunt Type
Equipage de LyonsFranceView
Equipage de Selore, Vens et Venaille (Baron von Pfettens Hunt)FranceFoxhoundsView
Equipage Venerie du BerryFranceStaghoundsView
L equipage de la Futaie Des AmisFranceStaghoundsView
Rallie Mes AmisFranceHarriersView
Rallye DampierreFranceHarriersView
Rallye des MondrotsFranceBeaglesView
Rallye NomadeFranceFoxhoundsView
Rallye VielsalmFranceStaghoundsView
Rallye VouzeronFranceFoxhoundsView
Vautrait piqu avant BretagneFranceBoar houndView
Venerie du BerryFranceView