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    There will be Nobody from the MFHA reply to this post nor any Hunt Servant.

    Re the Quorns disgraceful Behaviour for a “Special Meet for Josh Hanbury MFH of the Quorn.

    These are questions I love to ask

    Why would any Professional Huntsman of agreed to take his hounds to a said meet in Covid times, I would have gone to the Hunt Chairman and politely refused the chairman would of Stopped it.

    Why would the Same Huntsman film it, its insanity then telling Josn Hanbury to egg them on ?

    Then the same man share it with his friends ? To show off ?

    I know in a roundabout way how it got to itv.

    So you suspend Just Mr Hanbury for 2 years for being stupid to go hunting in a covid time.
    Yet the alleged Organiser of the Meet gets off Scot-free!!

    The Huntsman who agreed to do this filmed it and then shared it to people on social media who should have had instant dismissal for a fact, had no punishment at all !!

    A Joint Master Rowan Cope a good man gets Suspended for 6 months Why? The MFHA won’t say .

    People in the know the answer to that, Police investigations are ongoing and so is apparently the MFHA,s inquiry !

    The Quorn have a EAGM soon as a new mastership has to be formed by the Country this could become a divided political nightmare and the Hunt Staff jobs are under threat, a new mastership may include a Master/Huntsman and bring his own staff with him.

    If there is any justice in this World other people should be gone but has the Quorn people Strong enough to see this though.
    Who needs antis when you have a Senior Master and his wife and Hunt Staff showing no respect to the Covid Pandemic and LAW, nor the MFHA guidelines.

    What a total shambles, now who,s brave enough to defend the Quorn Huntsman ? Let’s see,

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    Not 1 person replied !!
    I might not of been educated at Eton,Radley,
    Stow, RAC etc etc but I got COMMON SENSE, that cannot be taught .

    Nobody will reply because they know I will tie them up in knots.

    I’m no big head ,naccasist or deluded person.
    Sadly the Regulatory body is full of the Above,

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