A collection of printer’s blocks of Hunt buttons.

Posted on Saturday, May 30, 2020
In: Hunt Button Collecting
Written by: Firebrand

Recently a number of old printer’s blocks (or letter presses) became available that were used to produce the images of hunt buttons in Baily’s Hunting Directory.  I have managed to secure a few, and have an option on many more.

I thought BHD readers might like to see the ones I have so far.  It’s interesting to remember that, when you look through your old copies of Baily’s, the illustrations of buttons aren’t photographs.  Someone has taken the time and effort to engrave a copper plate in reverse for the Lithographic printing process.

This first image shows how the blocks look ‘to the eye’ and would appear in the press frame.

Now, I have flipped the images so that you can more easily identify the buttons.


I may have more in the future, but I hope you have enjoyed seeing these for now.




8 responses to “A collection of printer’s blocks of Hunt buttons.”

  1. Colin Hibbert says:

    Look great
    Interesting addition to your collection 👍

  2. Andrew says:

    Somewhere I have two small posters made using this dies, let me know if you would like to see them

    • Firebrand says:

      Hello Andrew, Thank you for your comment. Are these the’Foxhounds of the UK’ and ‘Harriers & Beagles’ posters produced by the MFHA and the BFSS? Those are hand drawn illustrations, rather than lithoprints, but still interesting items to own..

  3. Helen Roiz says:

    Do you know what the R F 1802 – 1935 button is , I have that one.

    • Firebrand says:

      Hi Helen, That’s the Rocky Fork – Headley Hunt. This taken from their website: All copyright credit given to The Rocky Fork Headley Hunt. The Headley Hunt was a romantic reincarnation of a pack of hounds owned by Usual Headley, who established a tavern west of Zanesville, along the National Road, in 1802. He hunted the hounds for the entertainment of his guests for some years. In the 1930’s, a group of riders from Rocky Fork, wanting more challenging country and less civilized foxes, established a recognized hunt at the old Headley Tavern. The Rocky Fork and Headley hunts merged in 1940.

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