A few of my favourite buttons from the hunts of North America

Posted on Tuesday, December 3, 2019
In: Hunt Button Collecting
Written by: Firebrand

I recently purchased a lovely button for the Moingona Hunt in the US, and thought I would share a few of my  buttons from the North American continent.  My collection of US and Canadian buttons is small, with many yet to find and collect, but I could have featured so many already.  So, I’ve concentrated on some of my favourites – plus a couple of mysteries.

Let’s start with that Moingona Hunt.

I’ve featured the Old North Bridge button before because of the superb detail of the engraving and die-cutting.

This Old Dominion Hounds button is solid silver, and unusual (but not unique) with an heraldic crest included.

Hound and whip, along with a horn, are familiar elements in US hunt buttons.

The Old Chatham Foxhounds button is much more scarce than the Old Chatham Foot Beagles.

A date, again whilst not unique, is unusual.

Grand Lang Lugs!

Another date.

This button, with its fox ‘regardant’ was taken up by the Brook Hunt in Australia after the Brandywine ended in 2003.

My absolute favourites – The Treweryn ‘couple’

Now some question marks:

This button is attributed to the Piedmont Beagles, but I can’t quite make out the design.  Can you help?  Another solid silver button.

Is this even a hunt button, or a fashion item?  Perhaps a rebus.  It appears to show ‘The’ above a letter Q encircling a hound’s head, then a horn.  Is it trying to say ‘The Quorn’?  Help!

Finally,  despite the fox mask I cannot find a pack called the Pullman Hertford.  Perhaps it’s a company name.


4 responses to “A few of my favourite buttons from the hunts of North America”

  1. Dave C says:

    That’s a hare mask on beagle one.

    • Firebrand says:

      Hi Dave, You mean the Piedmont Beagles? Yes, I was wondering if that’s what it’s supposed to be, but couldn’t quite make it out as such. Thanks for your input. It’s always appreciated.

    • Firebrand says:

      Thank you for your comment. Yes, the collection is always seeking new buttons, especially to improve the North American sections. Preferably brass if possible, and one large and one small (in the hunt servant’s tradition), and we will always pay a fair price, including shipping to the UK. If you can provide an email address I can contact you directly, or contact us here at Baily’s and my personal email will be provided. Alternatively, I can be contacted on Facebook via the page named ‘Hunt Button Collectors 2017’. Many thanks again.

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