Brig. B Edwards Report 2018

Posted on Tuesday, May 21, 2019
Written by: Peter Brook

What great fun we had this year. My most memorable occasion was at Kot Fateh Khan drawing on the far side of the large wood to the south of the house.  There is a deep Nullah there that I crossed beside some stepping stones to act as a backstop and scout should hounds find and hunt to the south of the nullah.  Will and the followers stayed on the edge of the wood on the north side.

I was on an excellent and nimble little horse and when it came time to re-cross the nullah rather than canter back to the stepping stones, I thought I would try a path that looked used by cows and other animals to push through the reeds to the other side. 4 paces into the water and my poor horses head disappeared under the water rapidly followed by the rest. I was up to my waist and the horse was attempting to swim through these horrid clawing reeds.

He made it through, and to my relief I managed to stick with him, but I felt I had already followed in the path of some of the PVH field captured in Snaffles’ famous images! Needless to say I was cold for the rest of the day!.