From the Archive – David Davies Supports the American Hunt Servants Benefit Society In 1930

Posted on Friday, December 9, 2016
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Written by: Peter Brook

This report is taken from the Proceeding of the MFHA as reported in BHD 1930-31

It was agreed that the most sincere thanks and very hearty appreciation of the Masters of Foxhounds Association of America be extended to Mr. David Davies, M.F.H., of Mr. David Davies’ Hounds, for his great compliment and sports­manship in sending to the Riding Club Hound Show for entry in this Show his two fine Welsh Hounds, Furrier and Ringwood, and, also, for having his Huntsman, Jack Davies, who made a splendid representative for him, accompanying them, and further for his exceedingly gracious and generous act in putting up these hounds for sale at the Annual Dinner of the Association and stipulating that the proceeds of such sale be given to the Fund of the Hunt Servants’ Benefit Society.
Mr. Henry G. Vaughan, the Secretary, considers that it should be recorded that at the Annual Dinner the two Welsh Hounds, Furrier and Ringwood, were put up at auction, with Mr. Benjamin L. Cook as auctioneer, the proceeds to go to the Hunt Servants’ Benefit Society as stipulated by Mr. Davies. Furrier was bid in for $1,000 by Messrs. Danielson and Webb and then put up for auction again. At this time that he was bid in for $1,000 by Messrs. duPont, D. B. Brewster and H. Willets and for a second time put up for auction ; that he was then bid in for $ 1050 by Messrs. Hoyt, Palmer, Paull and Ruxton, and by them presented to Mr. H. G. Vaughan in token of their warm feeling and regard for him, and as an evidence of their appreciation of his long and valuable services to the Association. Mr. Vaughan accepted this hound for the Norfolk Hunt Club most enthusiastically and gratefully.
Ringwood, the other Welsh Hound was bid in by Mr. A. Fillmore Hyde for $9oo, and presented by him to Mr. Kenneth B. Schley as Master of the Essex Foxhounds.

We would be interested in hearing from either hunt as to how these hounds faired in their new packs

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