Clare Haggas – From Easel to Luxury Silk Accessories

Posted on Wednesday, March 10, 2021
In: Hunting Artists
Written by: Peter Brook

Clare Haggas is an international award-winning sporting artist, whose work hangs in a plethora of shoot lodges, country houses, offices, and hotels around the world. She was originally known for her vibrant paintings of British wildlife with a particular passion for birds. In 2017, whilst on the hunt for a silk scarf, but unable to find the elegance and vibrancy she was looking for, Clare had a chance meeting with a British silk manufacturer. Clare Haggas accessories was born. Her collection combines the finest fabrics and craftsmanship (hand-finished with hems rolled,) with her limited-edition artwork and is now available around the world.

Over the past four years, Clare has created a unique and luxurious brand, intertwining her effervescent original artwork with sumptuous silk, in order to make the most exquisite accessories available.

Clare said “Everything I create is inspired by my personal journey, combined with my passion to offer discerning ladies and gentlemen bespoke,  British Made pieces for yourself, or your home, that can be cherished for a lifetime. I am first and foremost a self-taught wildlife artist. I specialise in surreal, yet exquisite paintings of the stunning British wildlife that I am so blessed to be surrounded by. My style allows my work to sit perfectly in an old stately home, or grace the walls of the most modern of buildings. The underlying design concept is traditional, but with a modern twist.

People always question how I get such energy in my paintings with just pencils, but I believe this is down to the sheer passion I have for the best job in the world!  and the beauty that surrounds me is simply inspirational, it’s hard not to get excited each and every day when I step out into the glorious British countryside right on my doorstep.

After a chance meeting in 2017 I decided that my powerful artwork needed to have a new life… it lent itself perfectly to be transformed into luxury silk accessories. Being the impulsive person that I am I wasted little time, creating my debut collection in the summer of that same year.”

All Clare’s accessories are entirely made in England, from the finest fabrics available. Each piece is printed, hand-finished and their hems rolled, by a team of artisans in Worcestershire.  Each design is available in an exquisite range of jewel like colours. Clare is constantly designing, researching, and developing new and exciting ideas to capture on silk and more recently sumptuous velvets, and wool silk blends.

The brand’s luxury accessories are made of 100% pure silk twill, are crafted and hand-finished in Britain (at a family-run business based in Worcestershire). Accessories feature elegant and statuesque rearing horses, beautifully painted pheasants together with exquisite British birds set in deep russets, chic golds, royal reds, and navy. The look is ‘modern country’, retaining its elegance, styling traditions and sporting heritage but with an up-to-date twist.

Clare Haggas can be contacted through her website here