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Months of hard work have finally paid off and Great Days Two our new hardback featuring 200 pages  of:- anecdotes, incident, tall tales, true recollections poetry and thought provoking articles from every corner of the world of hunting with hounds, is now available! Want to know about begling for the stoat in Edwardian Ireland, read Great Days 2.Do you want to know how to built a model kennels..Great Days 2 has the plans.

We have made sure that this new volume complements  the original Great Days in terms of:- ethos, colour and size so that it can be easily found on the bookshelves ready for  repeated casual browsing. We have carefully edited the contents to ensure the books have a world wide appeal and cover packs of all types.

Ideal as a personal purchase or perhaps as a gift.  Baily’s is, and alway’s has been a staunch supporter of  the Rural Econmy so we are delighted to be able to tell you that this beautifully made hard back printed was:- contrived, printed, produced and bound in rural England.

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