Elite UK Rose Hip Feed Additive for Both Hound and Horse

Posted on Thursday, October 6, 2022
In: Product Reviews
Written by: Product Review Team

We were delighted to receive a package from the team at Elite Equine https://eliteequineuk.com/ containing their Rosehip based products for horses and dogs and to put these feed additive products through our thorough and respected product review process.
The science behind the benefits of 100% Rosehip supplements is beginning to look quite exciting in terms of its benefits for humans with a number of research studies showing beneficial results for patients in a wide spectrum of both chronic and acute complaints underlining the promising future of rose hip as a functional food, given its potential therapeutic role against a wide variety of diseases. Knowing this, the prospect of being able to observe those benefits in hound and horse was something we could not resist
Both products came sealed in robust black tubs with a serving scoop and recommended dosage regime from the initial and then maintenance doses
The equine version has been designed to offer support for your horse’s anti-inflammatory process and immune system. Made from the Rosa Canina plant, Elite Equine aims to offer support for stiff joints, provide benefits to older horses requiring additional support to maintain good joint health, and also aid post-event recovery.
In testing we found that our retired thoroughbred, renowned for being a picky feeder, and historically prone to gastric issues, seemed to enjoy finishing his feed from the first last mouthful. Unusually there was none left for the cob ‘dustbin’ to finish up. In addition, his movement in a leg that was very badly cut over the pandemic necessitating numerous vet treatments also shows a marked improvement. Because that might have been that our use of the supplement coincided with the warm summer and early autumn sun resulting in the observation of extra beneficial results, but to date, despite a marked change in the weather, there has been no noticeable regression in his feeding habit.  As a result, we can say with confidence that so far the results are very very encouraging and his change in demeanour is a welcome and unexpected positive change.

Canine Additive
Similarly, the canine version is a Rosehip based supplement for those looking to support and maintain all-round good health in their dogs. Our review commenced some weeks ago when started a 12 year old beagle on the supplement in his feed after he returned from a couple of hours of activity in the wet with a noticeable limp in a foreleg combined with visible discomfort.  After two days on the supplement which we combined with restricted activity to aid recovery the noticeable limp and sign of discomfort had disappeared, but what we did not expect was the character change.  His usual routine which involved him deciding that, at his age, activity was something to be tolerated between:- ‘resting’ also known as sleeping 14 hours a day, feeding time and closely monitoring our activity in the study, changed to him becoming quite active and easily able to keep up with much younger hounds and exercise and he became very vocal, and quite demanding at feed time. It is as if, even on wet cold autumn days, he has regained his youthful exuberance and he certainly enjoys feeding time so we are very happy to continue him on the maintenance dose. We thought there would little difficulty in introducing both the initial dose and the maintenance dose into the feed regime. This proved to be a correct assumption as the powdered and pleasant smelling additive is obviously highly palatable.

The Science Behind the Additives
Recently scientists working in a range of fields have shown that there is a special glycoside in Rosehip that has been found to aid long-term joint health, mobility, and comfort.  The phytochemical composition of the different members of the Rosaceae family might promote the reduction or eradication of some of the most pressing world epidemics, as well as improve the quality-of-life of  healthy people because they contain high levels of ‘bioactive compounds’ the presence of which results in the promotion of better metabolic health conditions. These compounds are known to have a high level of antioxidant and antimicrobial action. Their antioxidant activity is due to the fact that they contain high levels of polyphenols, vitamins C, E, B and carotenoids and these compounds may have synergistic effects.
Research shows that rose hips have an anti-inflammatory action and we have observed our own retired and working hounds gently ‘picking’ and then appearing to enjoy ripe rosehips, so perhaps you really cannot teach an old dog new tricks and we are now discovering what they have known through instinct or through following by example for some time, Rosehips are good for you! https://canine.eliteequineuk.com/