Hunting Artists

Paul Apps- Wildlife Artist

Posted on Thursday, September 26, 2019
Written by: Peter Brook

Great Art Picks Up Where Nature Ends. So said Marc Chagall, and yet as far as I know he and Kent artist Paul Apps never met. But Chagall’s sentiment is certainly expressed in the work of Paul Apps work as it captures the unique character of the subject and interaction with its natural environment. Paul…

Phillip Sanders – from the Kings Troop to ITV.

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Written by: Peter Brook

During my days as a student I came to understand that art appreciation is entirely subjective.  I would visit the Ashmolean, the National Portrait Gallery even, dare I say it, the Louvre and be left emotionally cold by many of  the well-known works hanging there – I may even go as far as to suggest…

A Lifetimes Pursuit- Richard ‘Dick’ Barton

Posted on Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Written by: Peter Brook & Jenny Barton

    The Australian artist Robert Wade once said “Watercolour is a lifetime pursuit… mostly uphill.” Now, everyone has tried to paint in watercolour, it’s often the first thing you do at school on your first day, so we can all appreciate the sentiment.  But, to become competent and then to be recognised as an artist,…

A look at the work of Judith Leman ASEA

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Written by: Peter Brook

Though she is Australian Judith’s art owes much to the traditions of English Sporting Art with its inherent understanding and respect for the history of hunting, and the classic depiction of the horse and hound. However, her fresh and individual style brings a modern approach to the subject that captures both the energy and colour…