Hunting Artists

Clare Haggas – From Easel to Luxury Silk Accessories

Posted on Wednesday, March 10, 2021
Written by: Peter Brook

Clare Haggas is an international award-winning sporting artist, whose work hangs in a plethora of shoot lodges, country houses, offices, and hotels around the world. She was originally known for her vibrant paintings of British wildlife with a particular passion for birds. In 2017, whilst on the hunt for a silk scarf, but unable to…

Andrew Kay – Sculptor

Posted on Monday, March 8, 2021
Written by: Peter Brook

Andrew Kay leads an award-winning 27-year old British sculpture business based in Cumbria. Andrew graduated from Leeds with a BA Hons in design in 1992. He then toured Scandinavia extensively on a travel scholarship. From this experience, he acquired a respect for the pure, clean design ethos that is key to typical Scandinavian design. Following…

Sam Robinson Fine Artist

Posted on Friday, December 11, 2020
Written by: Written from notes supplied by the artist Sam Robinson

Sam Robison was victorious in the Fine Art section of Baily’s first Hunting Image Competition with his side saddle related image. This is his story I knew from an early age that I wanted to be an artist. I was raised mostly in South Korea so when I started to show interest in drawing, my…

Beth Munnings-Winter What’s in a Name?

Posted on Monday, July 6, 2020
Written by: Peter Brook

Shakespeare’s Juliet asks “What’s in a name?” Perhaps she can be forgiven for not thinking of the name Munnings  as she muses about ‘what if’ whilst day dreaming on the balcony. Born and raised in Ontario, Canada, Beth a relative of the iconic sporting artist, Sir Alfred Munnings. Beth tells us that “Although I’m but…

It is in the Blood- A look at the Artist Liam Clancy

Posted on Wednesday, March 18, 2020
Written by: Peter Brook

Liam Clancy was born in 1978 into a County Tipperary family which had been steeped for generations in horses and field-sports.     His uncle, Martin Clancy, was for many years master and huntsman of the Shillelagh and District Foxhounds, and Liam developed a passion for hounds from a very early age. His earliest artistic endeavours…

Debbie Harris Artist

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Written by: Peter Brook

For the last fifteen years I have been working as a professional artist, concentrating on my love of horses and hounds. Growing up with an array of naughty ponies and a mixed bag of dogs, the most natural thing for me to do was capture them on paper as best as a child could. When…

Paul Apps- Wildlife Artist

Posted on Thursday, September 26, 2019
Written by: Peter Brook

Great Art Picks Up Where Nature Ends. So said Marc Chagall, and yet as far as I know he and Kent artist Paul Apps never met. But Chagall’s sentiment is certainly expressed in the work of Paul Apps work as it captures the unique character of the subject and interaction with its natural environment. Paul…

Phillip Sanders – from the Kings Troop to ITV.

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Written by: Peter Brook

During my days as a student I came to understand that art appreciation is entirely subjective.  I would visit the Ashmolean, the National Portrait Gallery even, dare I say it, the Louvre and be left emotionally cold by many of  the well-known works hanging there – I may even go as far as to suggest…

A Lifetimes Pursuit- Richard ‘Dick’ Barton

Posted on Wednesday, September 25, 2019
Written by: Peter Brook & Jenny Barton

    The Australian artist Robert Wade once said “Watercolour is a lifetime pursuit… mostly uphill.” Now, everyone has tried to paint in watercolour, it’s often the first thing you do at school on your first day, so we can all appreciate the sentiment.  But, to become competent and then to be recognised as an artist,…

A look at the work of Judith Leman ASEA

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Written by: Peter Brook

Though she is Australian Judith’s art owes much to the traditions of English Sporting Art with its inherent understanding and respect for the history of hunting, and the classic depiction of the horse and hound. However, her fresh and individual style brings a modern approach to the subject that captures both the energy and colour…