Waterford Foxhounds Puppy Show Results, 1909

Posted on Wednesday, April 21, 1909
Written by: Helen Brook

20th April. Entry – 4 couples Dogs, 8 couples Bitches

Distemper losses serious



  1. Warbler : sire – Tynedale Wizard; dam – Tattler; walked by Mrs. Prendergast, Whitestown
  2. Driver : sire – Tynedale Wizard; dam – Dulcimer; walked by Mr. Norris, Kilbrack
  3. Discord : brother to Driver; walked by Mr. Phelan, Clondonnell



  1. Willing : sire – Tynedale Wizard; dam – Tattler; walked by Mr. Cummins, Old Grange
  2. Harpy : sire – Duke of Beaufort’s Ferryman; dam – Handmaid; walked by Mr. Walsh, Turkstown
  3. Honeymoon : sister to Harpy; walked by Mr. Bowe, Turkstown


Champion Cup

Willing beat Warbler


Judges – Isaac Bell Esq., M. F. H., and W. E. Grogan Esq.